Fired Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From Frying!

Fried Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From FRYING!!!

Fried Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From Frying! Check Out these 5 tips to help keep your hair healthy!
Fried Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From Frying!So often we don’t realize what we are doing to our hair, when we’ve finally fried it we wonder what the heck happened.  It can take a while to narrow down just exactly finally did it.  We’re skipping the questioning part so that we know at least a few causes.  Maybe these will keep us from the inevitable burnout.

When I got the HSI Ceramic Flat Iron to try out, I wanted to make sure that learning to use a flat iron didn’t do my hair in.  My first note of it was that it had adjustable heat, how necessary that is!  It doesn’t take the same amount of hear for every type of hair.  Thinking of stories I’ve heard about flat ironing ones hair back in the day, I definitely don’t want to do that, considering my hair is not at all coarse.  I also love that it has an on and off switch.  No need to worry about unplugging it every single time!

Fired Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From Frying!

No More Fried Hair!

  1. Style with a heat temperature to your hair type.  Fine hair will need a lower temperature than those with coarse hair.
  2. When using a flat iron, don’t use it for long periods and make sure you are using a product to keep your hair from burning, the HIS came with a sample of Argan oil. It worked great for me!  Also, don’t hold it in one spot more than 2-3 seconds it’s easy to burn hair!
  3. Use your flatiron on dry hair, never wet or damp!
  4. Don’t use much hairspray before you use your flat iron!
  5. Clean your flat iron periodically with alcohol (once cool)

Got any great tips?

I’m new to this girlie stuff,

would appreciate any you’d like to share!

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