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Memory Making: Bonding With Relatives, Near & Far

Memory Making with relatives, especially with those that don’t live close by can be difficult. We’ve got ways you can stay close to your family, both near and far.Memory Making: Bonding With Relatives, Near & Far

Memory Making

Cook Something For Your Relatives

Cooking something for your relatives when they visit is always a great idea  Creating a delicious pistachio salad is always something that they’ll enjoy. You can also make them some grilled scallops since most people enjoy some seafood. Dessert always has everyone looking for something sweet and you can make some delicious chocolate zucchini muffins.

You could also make these delicious Blueberry muffins and mail them to your favorite Auntie (or whomever)!

Memory making isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it! There’s nothing sweeter than bonding with those you love!

For Those Who Are Too Far Away For Everyday

If you have a family member who doesn’t live close to you, you might consider a gift that will make them think of you every time they use it or wear it. Such a gift can be a unisex watch created by Charles Hubert. This watch can be worn by either a woman or a man. It has a genuine leather watch strap and a stainless steel case.

The watch is waterproof and has a dual time display. So in this way when your mom or dad or uncle or aunt take a look at the watch they can see the time zone you’re in and see their own time zone. In this way they’ll always think of you and will know what time they can call you.

It’s also a great reminder for them that they are loved and not forgotten. Being away from our families, we often feel so left out of the loop. It’s nice to receive gifts or cards, something more than digital!

Scented Candles have always been great gifts for any family member or relative. Called Homesick Candles  which are U.S. state themed and when lit will bring to your loved ones the scent of home. So if someone you love like your child or other family member has left the state they have called home most of their lives you can bring the scent of their home state to them, Say, they came from Virginia so by sending them a candle with scents from this state when they light it they’ll have the scent of pine and fir and that scent will bring them closer to home and give a great feeling.

Staying on the Same Page there is a subscription box called Once Upon a Book Club By subscribing to this and having a friend or loved one who does not live near you also subscribe you can both have a lot to discuss every month. You’ll receive a just released book and themed items delivered to you each month. There will be book club discussion questions and a way to participate in chats and reading sessions. With a friend also participating you’ll both stay in touch and on the same page.

Consider sending your family member or loved on a new piece of luggage. A simple but lovely carry-on suitcase that easily fits all major U.S. airlines carry-on restrictions will show the one you love that you are waiting for them to come and visit you. Also included is an rechargeable battery so that their phones and tablets can stay fully charged and they can keep in touch with you while on the road.

Create a memory that will keep reminding your loved ones about you and the miles that separate you. A coffee table book called A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart tells the story about the online blog two women Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes created together and wrote while one lived in Portland, Oregon and one in Portland, Maine.

Having your friend have this on their coffee table or on their book shelf will always remind them of you and the miles that separate the two of you.

Memory Making, especially with those not so close, can be a challenge but it’s always going to be worth it.  Even if money is tight, you can find a way to be close to them!

Memory Making: Bonding With Relatives, Near & Far


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