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Inspired: How a Tiny Pearl Touched My Heart

Inspired. Came out of nowhere, honestly. This pearl bracelet, which I’d looked at dozens of times, touched my heart. God used it when I least expected it, as He so often does.


The Fresh Water Pearl Wrap Bracelet That Inspired Me

The Fresh Water Pearl wrap bracelet is purely stunning. I can’t describe it any other way. Among silver crystals are fresh pearl elements. They are handwoven on metallic gold leather and have a crystal button closure.

Willamy Fresh Water Pearl Wrap Bracelet: From Blue Jeans to Formals!

This post, is about the inspiration it gave me. This bracelet is not full of pearls, it’s got pearls in between silver crystals. To me, it is another reminder that while everything may feel like it’s closing in there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Friction: Finding Peace in Turmoil

As you may know, a pearl is formed by constant friction to an object that invades it’s shell. This resonates with my life, as it seems there has been so much friction. Pearls remind me that God is making something out of me, even in the middle of the trials in my life where the worst possible invasions of pain and sorrow.

Disclosure: there were tragedies ripping the life of our family when this Inspired: How a Little Pearl Touched My Heartwas written, so perhaps I was feeling a little deeper than I normally would have been. Or maybe not. I don’t know. This was all within two years of losing our beautiful, amazing baby girl and then my Momma only four months later.

What I know is that God used this bracelet to inspire me. Providing as He always does, even when I don’t feel that He is.  I was inspired. By a bracelet I’d been wearing for weeks.

Inspired: How a Pearl Touched My Heart

I have been reminded, spoken to, and encouraged as we face the loss and nightmare we are in right now that I need to be humble before I can hand my anxiety over to God. So I’ve been praying, confessing, crying and begging God to forgive me, to guide us, and to take away our anxieties. We will never understand the things that happened or why.

I know that we have to trust God. And I’m doing my best.

I began writing a review for Willamy and this came out smack dab in the middle, so I saved it for this. Perhaps you are going something and needed a reminder. Perhaps this was just for me. Either way, if you are dealing with something I hope that it helps you.

Depression & Coping: One Day at a Time. You can do this.I’ve written a post about coping with depression that may help you as well. I wrote it as I dealt with my own depression in dealing with the loss of our most amazing blessing.

I’ve also written about that loss, on how to both deal with it and what we can do for others in that situation. Or not do.

In listening to a sermon that my wonderful Mother-In-Love directed to me by Steven Furtick (you can find him on youtube), I received something I needed to hear so I will leave you with it.

The quote is from one of his sermons, referring to our facing and going through trials and God’s gift in them:

“The greater the assignment, the greater the assistance.” -Steven Furtick

Willamy Collection

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3 thoughts on “Inspired: How a Tiny Pearl Touched My Heart

  • Shannon Holmes

    This is a gorgeous wrap bracelet. I also have anxiety and depression and I know what you are going through.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love pearls. They’re fascinating. They’re formed by sea creatures reacting to an irritating piece of sand, lol. And that forms this gorgeous pearl. Amazing.

  • Debbie P

    This sounds like a great read.


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