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Willamy Designs: From Formal to Casual! @willamydesigns

Willamy Designs absolutely beautiful! Their jewelry easily goes between formal dress and casual wear!


These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a part of the 2018 Fall Gift Guide. Definitely a must for any occasion!  Check out our other fantastic products there as well!

Willamy Collection

You may not know the name yet, but you’ve seen the designs!  The Willamy Collection has been featured all over the place!  From talk shows, such as The Ellen Show, to reality television shows like Dancing with the Stars!

The best part? It’s not a collection that only the stars could afford, even though they are often seen worn by celebrities.  They are totally affordable and can take you from ‘fancy dress’ to backyard BBQ’s!The Willamy Collection: From Casual to Formal Wear! @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZoo

Fierce Leather Wrap Bracelets

Willamy Fierce Wrap Bracelet: From Casual to Formal Wear! @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZoo

Fierce may be my absolute favorite piece. I use to not wear pink at all, but after the loss of my baby girl I wear it for her so I had to have this one! The Fierce Wrap Bracelet is in a beautiful Fuchsia with genuine crystals made on black leather. It wraps around your wrist about 5x or so (depending on your wrist size) and is about 34 to 27 inches in length.

I’ve worn this with a black and white top that really made it pop! That same combination was worn with blue jeans and boots then later with a pretty skirt and dress shoes. It was a hit and looked fabulous with both!


Willamy Winsor Bracelet Collection: Tranquility - For Every Moment of Life @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZoo

The Tranquility bracelet is from their new line of Windsor bracelets. Each piece in this collection are handcrafted with semi-precious stones and glass on genuine leather. The collection was inspired by vibrant landscapes worldwide! They can stand alone or you can mix and match them for the layered look!

The Tranquility is crafted with 10 mm semi-precious Amozonite stones and I can honestly say that the pictures do not do the stones justice. The Amozonite stone is a very light blue-green color with veins of green. It’s easy to see when looking in person the sparkles in the stone as the light hits them. The sparkles are a perfect touch of subtlety and makes me think of how the little things in nature (as well as life) are often overlooked.


Willamy Marseille From Blue Jeans to Ball Gowns! @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZooWillamy Marseille Wrap Bracelet: From Rodeo Grounds to Pow-Wows! @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZoo

The Marseille is a Semi-precious Willamy Leather Wrap that will go around about 3x. It’s made with 4mm Turquoise stones and, in the center strand, patterned with Miyuki seed beads. I love this one, as I know how much work and dedication goes into making seed bead anything. I’ve both done it and seen it done. I’m also partial to Native culture, as I share some. They also go so well with Western anything, as the pattern and colors are often used in Western dress and décor.


Willamy Sophisticate Wrap Bracelet: Beaty for Every Occasion @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZoo

The Sophisticate is another of the wrap bracelets and has been featured on EXTRA. I love this one as well! I love the white leather and the colors in the beads. The website doesn’t really say much about the beads or what they are made of so I can’t tell you about that. What I can tell you is that these are another fantastic accent piece that can go from work to play to a fancy dinner all in one day, with multiple outfits! Thus far, I’ve worn mine to a formal as well as with my everyday casual clothes!

Fresh Water Pearl

Willamy Fresh Water Pearl Wrap Bracelet: From Blue Jeans to Formals! @willamydesigns #Fall18 @SMGurusNetwork @CraftyZoo

The Fresh Water Pearl wrap bracelet is purely stunning. I can’t describe it any other way. Among silver crystals are fresh pearl elements. They are handwoven on metallic gold leather and have a crystal button closure.

Willamy Collection

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2 thoughts on “Willamy Designs: From Formal to Casual! @willamydesigns

  • So colorful styles. Love all these beautiful and colorful pieces. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are so pretty. I love the styles and beautiful colors. Thank you so much for sharing these


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