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Baroque Pearls: Uniquely Beautiful

Baroque Pearls are a great addition to every girl’s jewelry collection! Stand out and be unique with jewelry from Diamond Veneer!

Baroque Pearls: Unique & Beautiful! @DiamondVeneer @Crafty_zoo

Baroque pearls are not what we see in the movies, sported by Katherine Hepburn. They are far too special to conform to ‘perfect’ spheres. They are different, they are their own category!

Baroque Pearls: Uniquely Beautiful  @DiamondVeneer @CraftyZoo

Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape. They can be curved, pinched, lumpy, ovoid or whatever shape they choose to form in. That makes them unique and all their own! According to Wikipedia, the coronation crown worn by empress Farah of Iran in 1967 was studded with baroque pearls! The crown is gorgeous!

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Large Genuine Baroque Pearl

This gorgeous pearl is certainly looking fantastic around my neck! There has been a significant amount of time spent examining it in fascination. The imperfections make it special and I love that I have a pearl unlike any other in the world! It’s extra special, uniquely my own.

This particular piece comes in white, black or pink. The one pictured is black. I have a special love for black pearls, though I cannot explain why. White pearls are everywhere, pink doesn’t match most of my clothes. Black, however, goes with everything and is not nearly as prevalent.

The photos do not do it justice at all, especially not the stock photo from the website. To their credit, it was very difficult to get the photo that I took as well. Not having a reflection in this gorgeous pearl is nearly impossible.

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Baroque Pearls: Unique & Beautiful! @DiamondVeneer @Craftyzoo


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