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Solar Torch Lights: Flickering Lights for Backyard Ambiance

These solar torch lights  is the newest addition to our backyard ambiance. Check out this fantastic solar light set to set the mood for the perfect relaxing ambiance!

Solar Torch Lights: Flickering Lights for Backyard Ambiance

Solar Torch Lights

This post is a sponsored post, I did not receive monetary compensation but I did get the lights for free in exchange for this review. As always, no company can buy my words, the following are my honest and true opinions.

In the past, I’ve talked about my love for my gorgeous koi pond and my fantastic imagination dreams for our backyard oasis. Since they’ve not been achieved yet, I haven’t really posted much. If you clicked the link, you’ll see what it looked like one winter, as I found it somehow gorgeous and had to post photos. I’ve also posted about it quite a bit on instagram, though not much of late. So, you can imagine I was super excited to try out these lights from Nekteck.

I do have to point out, because of the tornado vomiting debris and trees all over our house and property, I’ve not been able to get very good photos. Hence the stock photo in the social media images. I have, however, put them outside and tried them out. Can’t review them without using them, so photos or not, they’ve been tested. I did get a few pictures, but they aren’t gorgeous, so I’ll share but would appreciate your grace. They are not up to par.

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The specs:

  • Lights mimic dancing flames
  • Lasts up to 12 hours with full solar charge
  • Turn on automatically at dusk
  • Have an on/off switch in case you don’t want them coming on automatically
  • Weather resistant: waterproof, frost and heat resistant
  • Lifetime and 12 months support

My Thoughts:

Initially I placed them in front of the house, hoping they’d do well to light up our porch. While they did the job, they didn’t quite fit the ambiance of a walkway. They are certainly much better for a lounging space, like the backyard. My intentions are to put them around the koi pond once it has recovered from the winter and storm damage. (The tornado threw all kinds of stuff in there and it’s not pretty right now.)

They do well to light up parts of the yard when Duke the Service Dane and my Lucy Lulu are wondering around at night. Right now, a quarter of my fence is down so we get a little nervous about not being able to see them at night especially with these super dark winter nights. The automatic on feature is absolutely awesome, as they come on at the right time. While I have not tested out the time length, they stay on at least 7 hours, which is the latest I’ve stayed up and checked. The on/off function is also great. I love that I can turn off the lights if we don’t want them on. It’s a great feature and one I haven’t seen a lot.

The ambiance from the flickering lights is quite relaxing. I stuck one out by the back porch (husband calls it the lanai, haha) and it was great not to have to turn on the porch light. It was almost like having a small fire going.

I can honestly, with no hesitation, suggest these yard lights. They come with two poles per light so you can have them up high or down low, depending on your preference and they are super easy to put together. If you want them around a pool or something that is covered in concrete, you can stand them up in planters. If I’m not mistaken, the max height with just what came with the solar lights is about three feet.

Nekteck on Amazon

Solar Torch Lights: Flickering Lights for Backyard Ambiance


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5 thoughts on “Solar Torch Lights: Flickering Lights for Backyard Ambiance

  • Lauryn R

    These lights are so beautiful, I love the ambience that they give a backyard! I also love that they are solar, how cool! We are moving into our new house in January and I will definitely be getting some of these for the backyard, thanks for sharing.

  • Shannon Holmes

    This is gorgeous, thanks for the share.

  • Debbie P

    These look great and I would love to get several sets.

  • Wanda B

    These lights are so pretty. I’d love to have these in my backyard.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Those are gorgeous. I would love to have a set for the summer.


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