Our Frozen Leaf Filled Koi Pond

IMG_4976Nothing beats the view when the pond is partially frozen but the ‘bell’ of water is still going!  IMG_4977 Though the leaves did look pretty all frozen at the top, I’m going to hate cleaning them out of the pond next spring!  LOL.  Next year we will be buying a net! IMG_4978  If you are a koi pond fan, I’m taking suggestions!  Don’t worry though, the koi and mosquito fish are safely bedded down, hiding in the leaves no doubt!  IMG_4979Recently there was a minor flip out worry about the koi and I was in need of an expert.  I sent an email to Michael at Full Service Aquatics and he answered my question, easing my concerns very quickly!

If looking for help, I highly recommend them!  They were awesome!

Have a great day!

Originally posted 2013-12-04 07:23:38.

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