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Rustic 1773 Mercantile: All Natural, Handmade Soaps for Your Best Skin!

Rustic 1773 Mercantile is just what you’ve been missing! Amazing products, all-natural, handmade! Don’t miss this!

Rustic 1773 Mercantile

I am definitely one who loves small businesses! There’s something special about products (and food!) that are made with love, rather than in mass. Rustic 1773 Mercantile makes their bath soaks and artisan soaps in house with all natural ingredients. What could be better for your skin than that?

With herbal bath soaks and handmade soap made from goat milk and essential oil, you can’t go wrong with these products! As a firm believer that chemicals are terrible for our bodies (there seems to be proof everywhere), I’m confident that once you find your favorite blends you’ll hate to use the mass made chemical nonsense!

Herbal Bath Soaks For a Relaxing Bath and Lovely Effects!

Rustic 1773 Mercantile All Natural Artisan Bath SoaksRustic 1773 Mercantile has a unique product. Their Herbal Tea Bath Soak Blends have some fantastic benefits! We received the Pumpkin Pie and Bergamot Bath Soaks.

The Pumpkin Pie Bath Soak is a blend made to moisturizing, smooth and brighten your skin. Who couldn’t use that? You will leave your bath refreshed and relaxed with their awesome bath soaks! Our favorite was the Bergamot.

You can use a couple of tbsp or fill the entire bag to saturate your bath water. With an entire Mason Jar full, you’ll have plenty to last for quite some time! It’s a perfect gift for anytime, but with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a no-brainer!

Calling all bath junkies: do not miss these! No chemicals, all natural and fantastic! Grab some candles, perhaps a good book, and get ready for the most relaxing soak you’ve had in a while!


All-Natural, Handmade Artisan Soap For Soft,, Touchable Skin!

It seems safe to say we all use soap, right? Haha. I hate soap that dries out my hands! Aging does enough to my skin, soap can’t be doing it’s own set of nasty damage. That’s an area where I require some quality!

The Mercantile has quality, artisan soap made from goats milk and natural ingredients. Nothing beats quality and the scents are tantalizing! Trust me, your skin will thank you. Profusely!

Rustic 1773 Mercantile All Natural Artisan SoapsI can’t say enough about how much I love their soap! I’ve got one in my private bathroom and I keep one in the kitchen. They make my hands feel amazing and have, thus far, covered all the smells one gets when cooking in the kitchen! I’d say that’s a win!

Rustic 1773 Mercantile: All Natural, Handmade Soaps for Your Best Skin!


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