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Xtava: Straighten up without spending the buck$ #SummerVibes

Xtava can straighten your hair up with plenty of benefits!  This one has great features & we’ve got tips for you!

Straighten up without spending the buck$ 

Thanks to Xtava Hair Straightener!

Xtava Infrared Straightener: Straighten up without spending the buck$ 

Ladies we all like to look fabulous as often as possible, we know that.

But dang looking good can co$t! And to be real for a minute, not all of us have the know how to make our looks match the salon results. So what’s a poor girl to do?

Don’t sweat it we got you!

Xtava Infrared Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Yes, this is the one!

Professional 2 Inch Dual Voltage Ceramic Flat Iron with Temperature Control For All Hair Types

Flat Iron for Hair with Auto Shut Off with Travel Case

Yes, this is the answer!

Get it Here!!!

A great product for an even better price, this bad boy is the go to tool to put “mum-bun” back to bed!!

It’s got some great settings that I’m really loving! My favorite? The varying temperature settings! Xtava has 10 settings and auto shut off after an hour! I love that! It’s also great that it has a heat resistant travel hair case so if you are on the go, you don’t have to wait for it to cool to get your bags packed up!

So about those settings… there are 10 settings to choose from on an LCD digital display from 265 to 445 degrees Farenheit so that you can find the temperature that works best for your hair.

For fine hair start at 265-300

For ‘normal’ hair start at 300-380

For thick or coarse hair start at 380-445

Another feature that I think is awesome is that it heats up in 90 seconds, there’s that 60 minute auto-shut off, and it has an 8 foot 360 degree swivel chord that you can lock in place when you are using it with just a double click of the power button!

Of course, there’s also a 2 year money back guarantee. Those are awesome!

Straighten Up without Spending the Big Bucks!

Get Yours Here!

Check this out! If you are needing some tips and tricks you are not alone!  We’ve also got some fabulous tips to keep you from frying your hair while you learn to style your hair perfectly!


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