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#EverBamboo HEI Face & Body Soap Review


To see results from many facial products, you tend to have to use it for a while.  For the most part, you aren’t noticing the changes immediately…  Not with Ever Bamboo’s HEI Face and Body Soap.  Use it once and your face is amazingly smooth and the impurities are immediately brought to the surface!  After a few days, you’re skin will be as clear as it was before you knew what a zit was!  Okay, so maybe that was a little bit exaggeration….  Maybe…  However, it is no exaggeration at all to say that you will love thie soap!  It’s amazingly easy on your skin, clearing it out and making it super soft after the first use!  I’m assuming it’s the natural stuff that makes it work, who knows.  What I do know is that it is awesome, you need it, and you should start using it now.  You’ll be done with all the other cleaners- I promise!

Product Description

From the Company

Your face and body deserve a natural cleanse and nourishment with healthy minerals. Ever Bamboo HEI, our bamboo charcoal skin care line, restores the natural beauty of your skin by purifying, exfoliating, moisturizing, and detoxifying.

bamboo soap

HEI Face + Body Soap
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Clears pores

Good for the Environment!!!

Wanna know what to do with the charcoal when it’s time to replace it???  Mix it in your soil!!!  Bamboo Charcoal is 100% natural and will help the soil.  Check out their site for more info.

Where to Find Ever Bamboo

Where to Buy

Check it Out!!!

charcoalGo here and see my review on the Bamboo Charcoal Room Deodorizer.  You are gonna need it too!  AWESOME results!!!

Coming Up

I will soon get the pleasure of testing out a larger version of the Aquarium Filter for my koi pond.  I’m really excited, as this is a new one!  We’ll see how well it helps filtration in a large koi pond!  I hear they do awesome in aquariums!



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One thought on “#EverBamboo HEI Face & Body Soap Review

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve used charcoal soap on my face in the past and really liked it but I’ve never tried bamboo charcoal soap. I think I’d like it.


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