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Retro Style: Saved by the Bell & More at TV Store Online

Retro Style! Ha! Is it really retro if there’s no way one feels old enough for these to be retro? Whatever, loving all the awesome products from my favorite childhood shows and movies!

Hoodies are my absolute favorite cool weather thing to wear! My recent new hoodie from TVStoreOnline.com is definitely one of my new favorites! It’s super soft and the design, well, that’s totally my love for the 80’s making an appearance!

Retro Style: Saved by the Bell & More at TV Store Online

I ordered the Saved by the Bell Bayside Tigers Adult Grey Hoodie and was super excited when it arrived! Even though it came in July I had to try it on! Immediately! Very well made and I think it will last for a very long time. Hoodies are amazing that way! Well, good ones anyway.

While the realization that I wrote it is there, it’s not so nice to remind oneself that the things that they love are now considered ‘retro wear’… Sigh. When did stuff from 10 years ago become retro wear….  Say nothing to that, let me live in my world of delusion, lest I begin to feel my actual age.

Retro Style: Saved by the Bell & More at TV Store OnlineThe Saved by the Bell gear is officially licensed as I believe all of their products are. It’s always nice to know that we aren’t getting knock offs! The sizes of this one are a standard men’s fit and it’s made of 55% cotton, 45% polyester. It’s extremely soft on the inside and definitely something I love the feel of.  It isn’t a super thick material, so not for ice covered days but perfect for fall weather coffee! Keep an eye out on my instagram, there will be lots of pictures rocking this ‘retro style’!

The official description talks about how much they love Saved by the Bell as well! Stating: “The Bayside Tigers were the pride of Zack Morris, A.C. Staler, Mr. Belding, Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle, and Jessie Spano.  You can join their team when you sport this incredibly comfy and fun Saved by the Bell Bayside Tigers hoodie.” in the product description. They have a pretty decent selection of stuff from the beloved series.

They also have a ton of other merchandise, including Star Wars, superheros, Doctor Who, Nintendo, SNL and so many more! I could go on for quite a while listing them!  TV Store Online has everything one could want from SO many shows and movies! Whatever your preferred Retro Style is, they’ve probably got something that fits!

From your basic accessories to wigs and everything in between! They even have an awesome collection of costumes! If you are looking for gifts, back to school items or just a little bit of nostalgia definitely check them out!

For Halloween or costume parties, they’ve got everyone covered there as well. Scary, funny, sexy, or just dressing like your favorite characters are all up for your thrills and chills! Man, that sentence made me feel like a marketing exec. *best commercial Halloween laugh here*  Of course, if you are in the market for Halloween ideas, don’t miss ours! We’ve got party planning, recipes, kids music, and so forth. *Commercial voice continued– haha*

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to sporing my new hoodie and it’s actually made me be ready for summer to be over, which is crazy because I typically love it. It’s okay, I think I love every season for a brief period, anyway.


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