Okabashi Shoes: Earth Friendly Shoes for Summer

Okabashi Shoes: Earth Friendly Shoes for Summer


Okabashi is a company that manufactures 100% recyclable shoes in Buford, Georgia.  Their shoes offer superior arch support, massaging insoles and anti-slip protection.  Their shoes start at $14.99 and offer a 2 year guarantee.  An interesting little tidbit, their site states their products contains 25% recycled materials, has a zero waste manufacturing process and are vegan friendly.

Honestly, I’m not sure what that last one means really, but given that Monkey has a very dear friend that is vegan I have learned that it probably means there is no use of any type of animal anything in them.  Of course, I could look it up, but if you care then you already know what it means!  LOL.

Something else I think is cool is that the company will actually recycle the shoes for you.  Just mail them to the address on the website and they’ll make sure that your old flip flops aren’t piling up the landfills!


The Product Review

I allowed Monkey to enjoy the trial of a pair of Okabashi flip flops, as she tends to wear shoes out pretty quick!  The durability was quite an attraction!  The quality of the shoes is great, you can tell by looking at them and checking them out that they are well made.

I was somewhat concerned concerned that they would only work with casual wear but they work with some outfits that are a little less casual as well, such as a fun skirt or summer dress.

The only thing that wasn’t favorable was the fit, as the size that she always wears turned out to be a little too tight.  Granted, she has wide feet but she always wears the same size and coming across this issue is a new one.  In addition, the massaging insole on the edge of the shoe irritated her foot.  The part in the middle, however, was comfortable.

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87 thoughts on “Okabashi Shoes: Earth Friendly Shoes for Summer”

  1. I’d love to have the black/silver Pacific shoes. They look really comfy, and would be great for my feet.

  2. I like the mens’ glide in black because they look comfortable, I like to just step my foot into the sandal

  3. I like the Green Label Maui a lot. The shoes look comfortable and fashionable and I love that they are environmentally conscious.

  4. I would love to try the Messina sandal. I love sandals that you can use around the house and wear even if you have socks on.

  5. I would like to try the DAISY flip flop – less flipping It seems like some times it is nice not to make noise when I walk.

  6. I love the discount they give in the code for $10 off purchase with there sister company. And I like the design on the bottom of there items. I really love the Maui in the turquoise color. http://www.okabashi.com/Okabashi-Maui/dp/B007IO0N1C?field_availability=-1&field_browse=2359392011&field_product_site_launch_date_utc=-1y&id=Okabashi+Maui&ie=UTF8&refinementHistory=subjectbin%2Ccolor_map%2Csize_name&searchNodeID=2359392011&searchPage=1&searchRank=salesrank&searchSize=12

  7. I would like to try the Gardenia Clog! I would like to see if they would help relieve some of my back pain.

  8. My hubby could use the Copenhagen Clog. He likes to wear those in the house and the yard. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I think i would like Pacific in black/hot pink. They are a bit dressier than most others & look super comfy!

  10. I really like the Splash in black – they look like they would be comfortable to wear when I take the dog on walks!

  11. Yeah Georgia for having a company who makes these shoes, this shoes are really neat, I like the Okabashu Copenhagen Clog in brown, I think it would be very comfortable on my feet

  12. Oh I’d love to try the massaging foot beads for my line of work, which entails lots of walking. The beads would be heavenly!
    Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  13. My husband could use a pair of Glide shoes in black. The last pair of those type of sandals I got him did not fit.

  14. I like the maui, both in hot pink and turquoise. I like the design and also the fact that the sandals are all one color, plus of course those are my 2 favorite colors and most of the other sandals I have are just plain black so this would be an awesome change and give my feet some color too.

  15. I’ve never owned any Okabashi shoes but they look fun and durable. I liked the Pacific and Paris. Good luck everyone!

  16. I would like to try the wave shoes. I have bad knee problems so I need shoes that have support, which is very hard to find in flip flops or slides.

    1. I know the feeling! I remember being a teen and thinking I didn’t care about the consequences of being rough on my body and now I want to go back and kick her in the face! LOL

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