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TV Store Online House Tee Review

imageimageMy Monkey was obsessed with House…  I only say was because we had to ban it.  (She started constantly thinking something was wrong with her, impressionable little Monkey)  I was able to get this amazing tee for her from TV Store Online and she really loves it!  TV Store Online has a huge selection of merchandise from many TV shows.  You can find a list at the bottom of the product pages that begins with 24 and ends with X-men with who knows how many between!  The selection is amazing and you are sure to find something from whatever show it is you love!

The quality of the shirt is fabulous.  I ordered a size larger than she normally gets and you can see how it fits.  I’m quite grateful that I did!  Of course, if you ask me the size she normally orders is too small.  You have to remember, also, that cotton has a tendency to shrink.  I can’t honestly say if this one did or didn’t.  The price was quite reasonable, at $17.95 (add $2 for XX-Large).

I was a little disappointed that the sizes only went up to 2X and that there is an additional charge for it.  I personally feel that if a company is going to charge extra for a larger size, they should charge less for the skimpy shirts so many small girls wear.  However, that of course is my own personal thing.  It’s not exclusive, the extra charge for larger sizes seems to be almost universal.

Overall, I was very pleased with TV Store Online and will be ordering from them in the future.  I especially appreciate that they don’t just have t-shirts.  For example, House is constantly bouncing a ball in the show.  On the page with all the House stuff, they have a ball with the House logo on it.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless of course you love the show!   Many of the shows have little paraphernalia like that.  Another example: they have a selection of M.A.S.H. tees and hats that look like they wear on the show or the Mad Hatter Hat in the Alice in Wonderland collection.  You’ll enjoy checking them out.

TV Store Online doesn’t stop at TV shows, they also have movies, music, comics and games.  The classic Peanuts is among their collection, along with various other things such ketchup, poker and Rubik’s cube!

**Tip: Any printed clothing you have, wash it inside out to help make it last longer and keep the printing from coming off as long as possible, then hang to dry.


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