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Fashion Secrets Giveaway: How to Accessorize to Expand Your Wardrobe

If you are fashion challenged like me, some assistance may be required. Fashion Secrets don’t come from magazines, in my opinion. They never seem to work for me. Perhaps because I’m not a size 0 model with a sponsor to buy my clothing & dress me! Chief Zoo Keeper is definitely not one of those people so he typically catches me before I run off looking all sorts of crazy! We’ve written about Mission Belt a couple of times in the past, including their line of children’s belts. Needless to say, we still love them so much! Not just their products, but their philanthropy efforts as well.

Many of us don’t do the club thing, but we do have events after work that we need to be dressed nicely for. That challenge always comes up, for me anyway, with no time to go home and change but no desire to wear something fancy (and often uncomfortable) all day long.

Then there is that whole lack of desire to spend thousands of dollars on my clothing. I’m a country girl, I need something quick and simple that can take a beating.

Multiple Fashion Styles for Less: Fashion Secrets for the Fashion (& Budget) Challenged

Belts: One of the things that is super lovable about Mission Belt is that you can buy the straps and buckles separately, then mix and match as you please. It multiplies your wardrobe possibilities without taking so much of your budget. They also have children’s belts, (which a very honest Mommy friend of mine reviewed at the link) and we’ve done one other review here. Obviously, we are fans. Otherwise, you would have only found one review, not a fan of wasting my own or anyone else’s time with nonsense, untrue reviews. Here, it’s honesty or nothing at all.

For a strap of genuine leather, the cost is around $20-$23 and buckles range from $20 for a Mission Belt buckle, a few dollars more for flag buckles with the highest being the NBA, NHA or NCAA buckles for $29.95. Depending on how far you’d like to go, you could have endless styles with a lot less money.

A great belt can seriously make an outfit when properly matched. To pair your belt with your outfit, you’ll want one that matches the whole outfit, not just your shoes. Definitely consider one that pops with contrast to your slacks or skirt but matches the other clothing. A general rule though, is that if wearing leather shoes, wear the same color leather belt. However, that’s a general rule not a all time definite.

For men, wearing a belt that coordinates with a tie definitely makes a great statement. It is still important to make sure that it also goes with your shoes. For example, a pink belt with a tie that has pink in it and black and white shoes looks amazing!

For women, we get to go crazy as well! Pairing a belt that matches your multi-colored outfit is perfect! Typically, a great go to rule is to match it to the most prominent color. If your outfit is primarily a solid color, consider matching the belt to fun coordinating jewelry for an added pop.

Jewelry: Switching up your jewelry can completely change the look of an outfit. Simply changing a few pieces and adding new ones can take you from casual to dressy in a matter of minutes. Personally, I like classic jewelry such as a single baroque pearl or charm on a necklace for the most part. There are some bracelets that I love that totally change the look of my outfit and, to be honest, bring me joy. For example, this beautiful yet simply elegant bracelet changes a lot or these wrap bracelets really bring things to a new, fun and sexy level.

It is, obviously, up to you and your personal style. Not everyone feels comfortable with the larger jewelry pieces. I’m one of those people. What’s your favorite types of jewelry? I’d love to know! Jewelry can be paired with your skin tone, hair color or just about anything so by all means wear what makes you feel good!

Marla Tomazin magazine suggests taking photographs of your favorite pairings. That way, you can easily remember what your favorite pairings look like and cut down on the standing in the closet time. This is a great tip for me, as I’ll literally stand in my closet and change clothes for an hour or more when deciding what to wear for events.

Shoes: Alright, shoes are not my thing. We have family members with literally hundreds of pairs. My husband has more dress shoes than I do. It blows my mind. I’m not that talented fashion wise. So, I’ve had to go a little outside of my own knowledge base for this little piece.

What I can say, is I desire comfortable shoes. So I wear what works for me: low heels, tennis shoes, boots and dressy sandals with support (hate those flat sandals!). Personally, there is not interest in having a different color of shoes for every outfit so I go with black, brown and silver for the most part.

All of that said, having different types of shoes can literally take a basic look to out of this world style.

Quick & Basic Summary…

All of this boils down to one essential key: wear what makes you feel good (without showing your bits, please). If our outfits and such don’t spark confidence, it will show in everything we do. Give yourself a boost, especially on those days where you need a pick me up. It is 100% okay for you to overdress if that pleases you for the day. Let people wonder. haha.

Fashion Secrets Back to School Giveaway

This review is part of our 2020 Back to School Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the great products.

Check out her review of Mission Belt, their children’s belts and gets some easy fashion secrets too!



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  • I’d let my hubby choose if I win…but I like their “Moro Italian Leather Full-Grain” Belt. Thanks and God bless!

  • Sandy Klocinski

    I would like to get the USA 40mm Buckle

  • Cassandra D

    I would like: Iron wide leather belt.

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    The Canvas Belt in Midnight Blue looks very classy! 🙂

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    I really love the rise gold 30 belt!

  • I love their Platinum 30 belt

  • I like the 30mm Women’s BLUE Leather.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • My husband would like the Nero Black Full-Grain Leather – Italian. These belts are attractive and have no holes in them.

    • I love that too! My husband has 4 now and loves them! You can also switch the buckles between belts!

  • My husband would love the Nero Black Full-Grain Leather – Italian. These belts are so attractive – no holes in them.

    • They are! If you get them in the same size, you can switch the buckles between the belts!

  • Cindy Peterson

    My husband would use the 40mm Desert Tan Canvas for his outdoor adventures.

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    I would get the midnight blue canvas belt for my husband.

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    I like the women’s platinum 30

  • I really like their storm nylon belt.

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    The Black Italian Leather or Black Boss Collection (Embossed Zigzags) are what I like the best.

  • I love the women’s platinum 30 belt.

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    I like the Kid Vader belt for my son.

    • I did a review of one the kids belts, they worked out super well!

  • Katrina Brockavich

    I would love to get my son the Kid Captain Kid’s belt. My son has so much trouble with small motor skills. I’ve seen these belts before and thought they would be helpful.

    • The little lever to undo the belt does make it a lot easier, I have found that I like to wear the belt upside down so that the lever is on top. Makes it easier for me. Hope it works out for your little dude!

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