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Hapari Swimsuits: This Summer’s Must Have! #LoveForMom


Being a woman of rather round proportions, I’ve never been quite comfortable enough in my skin to run around in just a swimsuit.  I’ve always had to have something covering my curves.  Let’s face it, traditional swimsuits aren’t attractive on every body type!  I’ve always been that woman that wore the shorts over my swimsuit and quite possibly a tee as well, depending on the day, location and audience.  I was super happy when I discovered Hapari‘s plus size line.  Despite my size, I can feel comfortable and beautiful in their swimsuits.  I didn’t actually expect that to happen when I ordered it, so I was especially pleased when I realized how confident I felt wearing my new Hapari Tankini!

Hapari has a great selection for women of all sizes, men and even kids.  It seems that they come out with new lines each year, which is going to be very bad for my pocket book!  LOL.  I love them so much I find myself checking back to see the new collections!  Finding a company that makes swimsuits for women of all sizes, providing confidence and beauty in swimsuits is a rare gem.

As for my suit, the size is just as it is listed.  You don’t have to worry about those not so great company exclusive sizes.  They don’t run small or large, they are just what they claim to be.  Another thing that I just love is that you can start out with one top and bottom, then add new pieces in and really mix it up.  I always hated that with one pieces you were so limited, but being a non-bikini bodied person there wasn’t much I could do.  Hapari’s Tankini’s fix this issue and now I can mix and match to my heart’s content!  One more thing I love: the plus size models aren’t size 10!  They are women that actually do have curves, albeit not a ton, but I was pleased that the models looked like normal women, rather than super models!

Whether it was the confidence I exuded in my new Hapari suit or the fabulous design, wearing my tankini brought me tons of compliments!  Something my previous experiences hadn’t quite given me!  My husband nearly fell out of his chair and made sure to tell me I was incredibly sexy in it.  Though some husband’s will do those little white lies (such as “no, honey, your butt doesn’t look big in those pants” or whatever it is they say) I married someone brutally honest.  The good side of that is that I don’t ever leave the house looking terrible and not know it, the bad side is sometimes my favorite outfit doesn’t fit the way I thought.  All in all, the comments and reaction let me know that I was indeed looking fabulous!


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Best Tall Socks You’ll Ever Find!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Having the infamous ‘soft ball player’ calves, it is almost impossible to find a pair of long socks that I can wear comfortably.  Typically, they either fall down constantly or cut off circulation.  Drives me insane!  I was skeptical when I saw the Wearever brand, but figured it was worth giving a shot.  No harm, no foul right?

cotton_kneehighsock_176After getting them, I was super excited to try them out!  Weird the things that makes us happy as we get older.  LOL.  So, Sunday came and I gave them a spin!  Wearing my new socks, I set out!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they NOT cut off my circulation, they also stayed up!  For all you folks with nice, pretty non-softball player type legs, you may not get this.  Who knows, maybe you will, but for my sisters with the strong, thick calves, I know you feel me!  These socks fit, correctly, no slipping or hurting me!  I’m sold.  I don’t think I’ll ever try another type of long socks again!  They are perfect!  Not too thick, not too thin.  Perfect!  Comfortable.  Love love love them!  Yes, I know, I’m excited about socks.  Again, if you don’t have calves like mine you probably will never understand my excitement.  If you do, you are probably completely ready to check them out, I suggest getting your debit card now!  You won’t regret this purchase!
You should know that they are marketed for diabetics and for good reason.  I can see why they would be great for diabetics, given that they really allowed circulation without pain.  As many of you know, diabetics are at a huge risk of having issues with their feet due to poor circulation.  Don’t let that hinder you, if you have diabetes you’ll love these socks.  If you don’t, you’ll love these socks!



From The Companywearever

The Wearever brand offers comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish apparel solutions for everyday health and wellness concerns. Wearever offers 100% cotton socks for maximum comfort and durability. These socks are appropriate for those with poor circulation or easily irritated skin. These socks are made with 100% cotton and zero elastic or synthetic material. The seamless design of the socks with cushioning improve comfort, reduce binding, and eliminate skin irritation and are really helpful for people with these issues.
You can view all products, by visiting

Wearever Social Media

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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers

slipperReviewNature’s Sleep has some great product!  We have a bed that we purchased from them and absolutely love it!  Everyone that sits/lays on it immediately loves it too!  If you are in the market, check them out!  Today, though, we are talking about those fabulous slippers!  They are so incredibly comfortable!  I wear mine pretty much nonstop around the house (almost walked out the front door in them a few times, LOL).
The slippers have memory foam in the sole of them.  I will say that I’ve never really put much faith into the memory foam.  I really thought that it wouldn’t be long until the memory foam no longer sprang back up.  I feared the inevitable sinking into the shape and no longer being comfortable.  However, that hasn’t become a problem at all!  Every time I slip my feet into them, they are as  soft and plush as the first time I put them on.  Never just being ‘worn’ in.
The only thing I didn’t like was that the soles weren’t very thick.  I prefer thicker soles as we have concrete floors in most of our house and I crave that comfort!  I wish that the plastic were a bit thicker, as there were occasions were I could feel my heel hitting the concrete.  I will admit though that I tend to walk ‘heavy footed’, so that may not be a problem for you.  The memory foam will outlast the soles of the shoes, which would be great if there were someone around to redo the sole of the shoe for me!
Overall, I really love my new slippers!  They are comfortable and not flimsy.  I got the open toe ones because I hate when my feet get hot and they didn’t disappoint!  Go visit the Nature’s Sleep website to get yours!  You can pick up some slippers (as a great price, I might add) and even order a new mattress right from your computer!

Please note that I received a pair of slippers for review purposes.  No monetary compensation was offered.  My opinions are always my own!  Please see the PR tab for a complete PR disclosure!  Good luck!

How To Win a Pair

  1. Visit Nature’s Sleep and leave a comment letting me know which pair you’d like to win!
  2. Tweet about the giveaway, tag @CraftyZoo and leave the link in a comment. (Can be done daily)
  3. Share on facebook or anywhere else, tag @CraftyZoo and leave a link in the comments. (Can be done daily)

Winner will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond.  US only.  Must be 18.  Winner will have choice of slipper and size.

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Mission Belts


A Guest Review By Rebecca

I received the Kid Storm Mission Kids Belt in L/XL  It fit both my 9 and 11-year old boys perfectly!  The stitching was straight and strong and both the leather belt and the metal buckle are incredibly well made and durable.  They will able to withstand the active lifestyles of my boys! The look of this belt is great! The boys have had it for nearly a month and it still looks new!  Also, because of its particular style it is able to accentuate dressy, casual, and sporty looks.  My only regret is that I only got one; I guess my boys will have to practice sharing!


About the ProductKidstorm_large

The belt is a metallic 35 mm buckle with acrylic finish made with synthetic coated 1.25″ genuine leather.  Mission Belts are made to be customized so if it is too big, you can easily fix it!  The kid’s belts cost $26.99 and can be shipped to any country (shipping and handling may be additional).

Helping Others

For those of you who know me or know the Zoo, you know I’m all about giving back.  While perusing Mission Belt’s Blog I found that the reason they are ‘Mission’ Belts is that they are on a mission to help with ending world hunger and poverty.  They donate $1 from each belt to the cause and have been able to expand their reach to help with over 1.300 micro loans to help people get started on their path to self-sufficiency!


Get Social with Mission Belts







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Boots: My Spring Favorite Sponsored by @Lugz

By now, surely you’ve realized I have a love for boots.  If not, let me tell ya about these new boots that are keeping my feet comfy while I do my Spring chores!

Lugz Theta Boots: Spring Gift Guide

So, admittedly boots may be piling up in my house.  I’m okay with it, husband….  well…. he loves me.  Haha.   I do frequently hear side remarks about them, but that’s okay.  Having grown up with 6 siblings, I can handle it!  I have a pair in the Mallard style and I did a post about my year’s fashion statement this year with a fabulous silver pair of Empire Hi’s from Lugz!  That brings us to my latest pair, my Theta’s.  They have become my absolute favorite pair of Lugz thus far!  Lugz: you have officially been challenged to beat this pair!

Lugz Theta Wedge Boots

Not only are the Theta’s super comfortable, they are very easy to clean which is a major plus for a girl that couldn’t stay clean anywhere!  I love that the style screams work boots and, when paired with the right outfit, can be worn just about anywhere!  My only complaint is that I can’t seem to find a skirt that they look good with.  Of course, one could argue that there are no skirts that work boots go with.  Calling all you fashionistas, can you find an outfit that they go with?  Please?  LOL.  They are SO comfortable I don’t want to take them off!

Lugz are known for their memory foam insole and being super durable.  This particular pair is also water and slip resistant.  For those of us who are clumsy on our feet, that’s a definite plus!  More than once my feet have been known to trip over themselves.  It’s like they’ve got a mind of their own.

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of boots, you have found them!  I assure you!  These boots made the Spring Gift Guide because I’m crazy about them and they are perfect for working, strolling, and keeping one’s feet dry on rainy Spring days!

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Corset Chick Review


Being a plus size gal, I was excited to see that Corset Chick Review went up to a size 5/6 XL.  Let me just take a moment to go on my soap box and say, yes I’m a larger woman and I know I need to be smaller, however I’ve been trying for years and have yet to have enough success to make me a size 2 or whatever the ‘in’ size is.  I have made some great strides this year that have helped my health, but they haven’t made me a toothpick yet.  Plus, honestly, I’m 6 feet tall.  If I were a size 2 I’d look like I had an eating disorder!

*jumping off my soapbox*

All that being said, a 5/6 XL wasn’t what anyone I know would think of when they thought of it.  Normally, I wear a 2XL or maybe a 3XL if a brand runs small.  With Corset Chick, the 5/6 XL wouldn’t even fit!  That’s insane!  I was so thankful that I’m currently not having issues with self esteem, as I probably would have had a meltdown!  The 5/6 XL is supposed to fit an 18/20, even though they say they will fit up to a 22.  Well, let me tell ya, they don’t.  22 centimeters, sure, inches….  well, that is another story!   I will say though, that the g string that accompanies the corset is more true to size, I couldn’t wear them as they were actually a 5/6 XL…

It is frustrating to get to a site that boasts about ‘now carrying plus sizes’ only to find that their idea of a plus size is calling a size 14 fat.  Just because you slap on an ‘XL’ doesn’t mean it’s plus size.  Also, as the mom of a not large 17 year old, I can say for a fact that those kinds of things really hurt them when they buy a brand that runs *incredibly* smaller than they are supposed to then label something an XL to have ‘plus sizes’.

The only positive things I can say is that they have a good selection of styles and that the quality of the corset was nice.  Of course, I could only visually evaluate it was not going to fit around a woman that actually wore an 18/20!!!  It isn’t very often that I can’t find much to love about something, but here is one of those rarities.

Corset Chick


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Okabashi Shoes: Earth Friendly Shoes for Summer


About the Company

Okabashi is a company that manufactures 100% recyclable shoes in Buford, Georgia.  Their shoes offer superior arch support, massaging insoles and anti-slip protection.  Their shoes start at $14.99 and offer a 2 year guarantee.  An interesting little tidbit, their site states their products contains 25% recycled materials, has a zero waste manufacturing process and are vegan friendly.

Honestly, I’m not sure what that last one means really, but given that Monkey has a very dear friend that is vegan I have learned that it probably means there is no use of any type of animal anything in them.  Of course, I could look it up, but if you care then you already know what it means!  LOL.

Something else I think is cool is that the company will actually recycle the shoes for you.  Just mail them to the address on the website and they’ll make sure that your old flip flops aren’t piling up the landfills!


The Product Review

I allowed Monkey to enjoy the trial of a pair of Okabashi flip flops, as she tends to wear shoes out pretty quick!  The durability was quite an attraction!  The quality of the shoes is great, you can tell by looking at them and checking them out that they are well made.  I was somewhat concerned concerned that they would only work with casual wear but they work with some outfits that are a little less casual as well, such as a fun skirt or summer dress.

The only thing that wasn’t favorable was the fit, as the size that she always wears turned out to be a little too tight.  Granted, she has wide feet but she always wears the same size and coming across this issue is a new one.  In addition, the massaging insole on the edge of the shoe irritated her foot.  The part in the middle, however, was comfortable.

Company Contact Info

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Twitter   YouTube   Facebook

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Dinosaur Tee Review


I don’t know what it is with dinosaurs and teens these days, but whatever it is Monkey was pleased to have this sweet looking dinosaur shirt.  I am certain she was just this happy to help out like any teen girl would be….
★I will wait for you to stop rolling on the floor laughing at my sarcasm. Take your time…..★

Moving on to business….  LOL.

Thoughts on the Product

The shirt was a bit small for the size.  She is pictured wearing a size large.  The material is amazingly soft and would be perfect for any hot day.  I don’t think you can really see it, but they included a button with a mustache on it (it’s stuck on her shorts on her left leg).  I thought that was a cute little addition, plus it matches the shirt.   The shirt seems to be pretty durable and the design feels like it will be on there a while, as it doesn’t really stick out like some printing tends to do.  Overall, I feel like this is a quality tee that will last.  Probably long after the dinosaur and mustache trends have become part of their ‘when I was a teenager’ memories!  The shirt will run you about $22 on their website and they have a pretty good selection of both dinosaur and mustache shirts.

Company Description

60% Cotton/40% Polyester 100% AWESOME! Comes in a crew neck t shirt – Color is Mint, Gold and White print on storm shirt. This shirt is very light weight and soft. It breaths very easily and the ink is screen printed, so it will not deteriorate over time.


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TV Store Online House Tee Review

imageimageMy Monkey was obsessed with House…  I only say was because we had to ban it.  (She started constantly thinking something was wrong with her, impressionable little Monkey)  I was able to get this amazing tee for her from TV Store Online and she really loves it!  TV Store Online has a huge selection of merchandise from many TV shows.  You can find a list at the bottom of the product pages that begins with 24 and ends with X-men with who knows how many between!  The selection is amazing and you are sure to find something from whatever show it is you love!

The quality of the shirt is fabulous.  I ordered a size larger than she normally gets and you can see how it fits.  I’m quite grateful that I did!  Of course, if you ask me the size she normally orders is too small.  You have to remember, also, that cotton has a tendency to shrink.  I can’t honestly say if this one did or didn’t.  The price was quite reasonable, at $17.95 (add $2 for XX-Large).

I was a little disappointed that the sizes only went up to 2X and that there is an additional charge for it.  I personally feel that if a company is going to charge extra for a larger size, they should charge less for the skimpy shirts so many small girls wear.  However, that of course is my own personal thing.  It’s not exclusive, the extra charge for larger sizes seems to be almost universal.

Overall, I was very pleased with TV Store Online and will be ordering from them in the future.  I especially appreciate that they don’t just have t-shirts.  For example, House is constantly bouncing a ball in the show.  On the page with all the House stuff, they have a ball with the House logo on it.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless of course you love the show!   Many of the shows have little paraphernalia like that.  Another example: they have a selection of M.A.S.H. tees and hats that look like they wear on the show or the Mad Hatter Hat in the Alice in Wonderland collection.  You’ll enjoy checking them out.

TV Store Online doesn’t stop at TV shows, they also have movies, music, comics and games.  The classic Peanuts is among their collection, along with various other things such ketchup, poker and Rubik’s cube!

**Tip: Any printed clothing you have, wash it inside out to help make it last longer and keep the printing from coming off as long as possible, then hang to dry.

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What Statement are you Making This Year?

Fashion is a big part of life and always has been, tribal attire from times gone is always so beautiful to me!  What fashion statement are you making this year?  Personally, planning on reflecting what I’d like to become on the inside!  These boots scream happy and fun loving, don’t you think?

What Statement are you Making This Year?

Lugz Empire Hi CR Boots

Perfect for winter, these boots definitely get some attention!  Loving the shine and comfort they provide!  Perfect fashion statement to make while keeping your feet warm and comfortable!  As with the Lugz Mallard’s, the memory foam keeps your feet comfortable from the first time you put them on and beyond!  They too are water proof and can easily be wiped off to keep them looking new!  The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was that they don’t have the strip on the back to pull the boots up, so I had to loosen the shoe strings quite a bit to get them on.  Never really thought that was something I should check for when buying boots, but in the future it won’t be forgotten!  In the meantime, I’m still wearing my Lugz Empire Hi CR’s and enjoying the glitzy look they give me!  They go great with a white tops and dark pants!  I also really enjoy the sparkle they put off when the light hits them in the dark!  They’ll be taking me to some concerts in the future!  Until then, my fashion statement for this year is that I’m here, I’m gorgeous, and I’m comfortable in my skin (and my boots too!).  Take that 2018!

Get Yours Today!

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