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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers

slipperReviewNature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers

Nature’s Sleep has some great product!  We have a bed that we purchased from them and absolutely love it!  Everyone that sits/lays on it immediately loves it too!  If you are in the market, check them out!

Today, though, we are talking about those fabulous slippers!  They are so incredibly comfortable!  I wear mine pretty much nonstop around the house (almost walked out the front door in them a few times, LOL).
The slippers have memory foam in the sole of them.  I will say that I’ve never really put much faith into the memory foam.  I really thought that it wouldn’t be long until the memory foam no longer sprang back up.  I feared the inevitable sinking into the shape and no longer being comfortable.

Nature’s Sleep: Durability That Lasts!

However, that hasn’t become a problem at all!  Every time I slip my feet into them, they are as  soft and plush as the first time I put them on.  Never just being ‘worn’ in.
The only thing I didn’t like was that the soles weren’t very thick.  I prefer thicker soles as we have concrete floors in most of our house and I crave that comfort!  I wish that the plastic were a bit thicker, as there were occasions were I could feel my heel hitting the concrete.

I will admit though that I tend to walk ‘heavy footed’, so that may not be a problem for you.  The memory foam will outlast the soles of the shoes, which would be great if there were someone around to redo the sole of the shoe for me!
Overall, I really love my new slippers!  They are comfortable and not flimsy.  I got the open toe ones because I hate when my feet get hot and they didn’t disappoint!

Go visit the Nature’s Sleep website to get yours!  You can pick up some slippers (as a great price, I might add) and even order a new mattress right from your computer!

Get Your Pair on Amazon Here!

Please note that I received a pair of slippers for review purposes.  No monetary compensation was offered.  My opinions are always my own!  Please see the PR tab for a complete PR disclosure!  Good luck!


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4 thoughts on “Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers

  • Dana Rodriguez

    Those look really comfy.I practically live in slippers when I am at home.

    • They are! I loved that the foam maintained it’s shape for a super long time. I’m crazy hard on shoes! Side affects of being a tomboy I suppose. haha

  • I would love the Closed Toe Terry Slippers w/Memory Foam in Pale Blue.
    Thank you!

    • They look super comfy! I gotta have open shoes most of the time, my feet get hot then I get crazy sleepy. 😛


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