Hapari Swimsuits: This Summer’s Must Have! #LoveForMom


Being a woman of rather round proportions, I’ve never been quite comfortable enough in my skin to run around in just a swimsuit.  I’ve always had to have something covering my curves.  Let’s face it, traditional swimsuits aren’t attractive on every body type!  I’ve always been that woman that wore the shorts over my swimsuit and quite possibly a tee as well, depending on the day, location and audience.  I was super happy when I discovered Hapari‘s plus size line.  Despite my size, I can feel comfortable and beautiful in their swimsuits.  I didn’t actually expect that to happen when I ordered it, so I was especially pleased when I realized how confident I felt wearing my new Hapari Tankini!

Hapari has a great selection for women of all sizes, men and even kids.  It seems that they come out with new lines each year, which is going to be very bad for my pocket book!  LOL.  I love them so much I find myself checking back to see the new collections!  Finding a company that makes swimsuits for women of all sizes, providing confidence and beauty in swimsuits is a rare gem.

As for my suit, the size is just as it is listed.  You don’t have to worry about those not so great company exclusive sizes.  They don’t run small or large, they are just what they claim to be.  Another thing that I just love is that you can start out with one top and bottom, then add new pieces in and really mix it up.  I always hated that with one pieces you were so limited, but being a non-bikini bodied person there wasn’t much I could do.  Hapari’s Tankini’s fix this issue and now I can mix and match to my heart’s content!  One more thing I love: the plus size models aren’t size 10!  They are women that actually do have curves, albeit not a ton, but I was pleased that the models looked like normal women, rather than super models!

Whether it was the confidence I exuded in my new Hapari suit or the fabulous design, wearing my tankini brought me tons of compliments!  Something my previous experiences hadn’t quite given me!  My husband nearly fell out of his chair and made sure to tell me I was incredibly sexy in it.  Though some husband’s will do those little white lies (such as “no, honey, your butt doesn’t look big in those pants” or whatever it is they say) I married someone brutally honest.  The good side of that is that I don’t ever leave the house looking terrible and not know it, the bad side is sometimes my favorite outfit doesn’t fit the way I thought.  All in all, the comments and reaction let me know that I was indeed looking fabulous!


Originally posted 2014-04-06 23:00:15.

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4 thoughts on “Hapari Swimsuits: This Summer’s Must Have! #LoveForMom”

  1. I like the Black Sport One-Piece Swimsuit. I’d like to wear it to the resort we’ll be going to this summer.

  2. I would get the mikado hibiscus sos underwire tankin and black boy shorts. I would wear this to the pool and when we go to the beach. Tankinis and boy shorts are my favorites for comfort and I can mix and match.

  3. I would get the Dream Blue Sport Tankini and matching bottoms. I love how versatile the top can be while providing decent coverage and support.

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