NuGo Dark Chocolate Bars Review

NuGo Dark Chocolate Bars Review

NuGo Dark Chocolate Bars Review
After 27 years of cheese loving life, Chief Zoo Keeper suddenly developed an allergy to lactose.  Not just dairy, lactose.  Such fun in our little adventures!  So, we have spent the last couple of years adjusting to non-dairy and lactose free everything….
Well, mostly…
I’m not the greatest supporter, given that I still occasionally eat ice cream and cheese.  In my defense, so does he!  Of course, he has to pay for it and I don’t.  Anyway, we were glad to check out the NuGo Dark Chocolate bars because we are desperate for yummy non-dairy snacks!

Have you had a NuGo bar yet???

NuGo uses real dark chocolate made from cocoa beans to coat their bars, adding fabulous flavor and the wonderful health benefits of dark chocolate.  They also have a great selection of flavors and 3 diet specific types (in addition to their regular NuGo bars): Dark, Slim, and Free.
NuGo Dark utilizes the dark chocolate and are pictured above.  Bars contain around 200 or less calories each, so it’s a great pick me up snack for on the go, especially considering a normal Snickers bar has 296 calories and minimal health benefits!  The bars we tried were really good.  Even though we aren’t huge fans of dark chocolate, the rich flavor was hard to resist.

Company Description

 Our decadent NuGo Dark bars use real cacao dark chocolate to enrobe our bars. Cacao is a natural source of flavonol antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals and protect your body from cell damage while tasting delicious. Real Dark Chocolate uses all the properties of the cocoa bean, including natural chocolate and cocoa butter.
Cocoa butter is important because it can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure; vegetable fat alternatives used by other companies do not carry these health benefits. Our dark chocolate protein bars prove: Delicious has a dark side.

NuGo is the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles.

Read and sign the petition created on by NuGo Nutrition – Dark Chocolate Food Labeling:

Tell the FDA to Stop the Deception!

NuGo bars are sold at stores in the US and Canada. Use the store locator. 
Order sample packs with free shipping in the US. 
Use this chart to find the NuGo bars to fit your lifestyle.

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15 thoughts on “NuGo Dark Chocolate Bars Review”

  1. I’d like to try the NuGo Dark: Chocolate Pretzel because I love the combination of salty and sweet.

    1. Me too! I love to get the minis and freeze them… It is for this reason that I don’t buy them. NO SELF CONTROL! LOL. Good luck!

  2. I would love to try the NuGO Organic bars! My husband and I try to eat organically as much as possible. Thanks for the giveaway!

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