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Choosing Perfect Bedding

Choosing perfect bedding is important. Sleep quality is essential to one’s health and happiness in all areas of life. It is a quick and slippery slope to a bad day when we are exhausted. It affects all aspect of our lives: health, happiness, functionality, thoughts and even success.

For a long time, I had no idea what the difference was between one blanket and another, with the exception of whether it kept me warm, hot or was scratchy. I’ve since learned the difference and it has truly affected the other parts of my life. Rather than doing hours of research, I chose the a pattern I liked, low cost and went with it. Not the smartest move.

Choosing Perfect Bedding: Quick & Simple GuideChoosing Perfect Bedding

Here’s a quick lesson in choosing perfect bedding for you!

  • Best time to buy Comforters: Sales typically occur in late winter or early spring. Prices tend to begin to reduce in January.
  • Thread Count: Whatever your budget, stick to above 200 and below 800 for your sheets. However, for your comforter a thread count of 250 is probably high enough.
  • Sizing: If you have a smaller bed, but want the hanging over look it is perfectly fine to get a comforter that is larger than your bed. Our king size quilt fits almost perfectly on our king size bed, while our king size comforter hangs over a little. It’s a matter of preference. Personally, I prefer my comforter to hang over, so that when we play the curl up blanket game, one of us is not left freezing at night.
  • Durability: A great comforter is an investment. If you want one that will last for years, providing the best bang for your buck, then you should pay attention to the way it’s made. According to Good Housekeeping, baffle-box construction is the most durable. They suggest looking for 300+ thread count of the outer fabric.
  • Temperature & Climate: Consider how hot or cold you get when you sleep when choosing the right comforter. Also think about the climate you live in: if you live in a colder climate, you’ll likely want a warmer comforter.
  • Washing Your Comforters: Be careful to follow the label! This will help ensure that your comforter stands the test of time at it’s best!
  • Quilts VS Comforters: Quilts are thinner and therefore best for when it’s warm while comforters are a little heavier and warmer. I suggest getting a quilt for summer and comforter for winter!

Latest Bedding Comforter Set

This one, from Latest Bedding, is the newest update to our room! They have some wonderful Comforter Sets. I prefer being able to switch out comforters and blankets, as it gives me that new look without having to redecorate. It also extends the lift of my blankets, not a bad tradeoff! Seems budgets don’t like that much… Go figure.

I am loving the bright colors of this awesome comforter! In hindsight, I probably should have chosen this one as a quilt set and gotten the Cruz 3 Piece set as a comforter. However, I do love that this winter my room will be brightened with the beautiful tropical colors when winter days darken the world!

This is the Lanai Pink 5 piece comforter set.  With 100% polyester filling and microfiber cover, this comforter can be washed in the washer at home. So no need for a trip to the dry cleaner! The set also includes 2 adorable pillows that add to the style of our room!

As for comfort and warmth, I’m really enjoying my sleep! The comforter is large enough that we aren’t fighting over the blanket at night on our King Size bed. It even hangs over a bit when the bed is made! The colors really brighten up our beach bedroom as well! Since we went with a blue on the walls (we are sleeping on our very own beach, after all!), I like the contrast of the bright, tropical flowers!

Latest Bedding really does allow you to redecorate your space on a fairly small budget! Often, when you go to their site, there is either a sale going on or you can sign up for their newsletter to get your very own discount!

Choosing Perfect Bedding for YOU!


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  • Karen Jaras

    I love getting new bed linens. I sleep better even though I cannot see it, I make sure it is warm and inviting.


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