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RoadSchooling in Charleston: 10 Destinations to Visit for Home-School & Vacations!

Charleston, SC is such a beautiful location! Check out this list of educational places to visit, whether you live there or are visiting! Great opportunities for home-school learning!

10 Destinations for Home-school and Learning in Charleston SC

Charleston SC is such a beautiful place full of historical places and wonderful food! If you’ve never tried Carolina BBQ, I highly recommend it. It’s very different than what we have in my part of the world (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas) but it’s definitely worth trying!

We thought we’d bring you some wonderful places to learn from and visit. Especially if you home-school! And if you are planning to move there, definitely check out Charleston SC Real Estate! They have some beautiful condos for sale in Charleston SC!

RoadSchooling in Charleston: Home-School Destinations for all ages!

  1. Above Calhoun Tours: This one is a little different, but I think it brings so much educational value and there is so much one can learn! I’ve listed a few that I’m looking forward to from their sites. Each one is a different learning experience!

  • The Charleston History Tour: “Booms and panics, merchants and mechanics, southern railroads and mosquito fleets are revealed in the stories of the men and women in this diverse neighborhood. A good general history tour of the Upper Peninsula across the 19th Century.

  • The Women’s Tour: “This tour focuses on the white, free persons of color and black women that lived in the nearby area. It primarily covers the lives of women in the upper part of Charleston. This dynamic and diverse neighborhood provides the opportunity to change the perspective on Charleston history in many ways.

  • Craftsmen, Laborers and Industry Tour: “Factories and the lives of laborers lie within this area surrounded by grand houses built along the Cooper River. This is life between the tracks, merchants and mechanics, black craftsmen and German shopkeepers.”

    1. Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art: Located at the College of Charleston, the Halsey Institute brings visitors innovative and adventurous art from around the world.

    2. Hunley Submarine: The Hunley is a combat submarine that mysteriously disappeared in 1864. Scientists are working to restore and remove sediment. You can take an interactive tour (individually or with a guide) and visit the Hunley Lab, interactive exhibits and activities! Even my curiosity is peaked! I can’t wait to visit!

    3. Middleton Place: This location is full of history, beautiful gardens, and even working stables! Definitely worth checking out! Learn parts of the histories of those enslaved here as well as that of the immigrants who founded the plantation and an economic empire. I love this description from their website: “When we stand on the same land as generations of the enslaved and the free, take in its exquisite beauty and its inherent brutality, we understand that the stories of Middleton Place are American stories. Black stories. White stories. Essential, life-changing human stories.

    4. Coastal Expeditions: With guided tours, rentals and boat charters experience and see beautiful Cape Romain NWR and Bull Island. What better way to study Marine life?

    5. Sandlapper Water Tours: They will take you to explore Morris Island and you can go shelling with their naturalist. Learn first hand about their marine life! I love the hands on learning they offer! Science? Check!

      Charleston South Carolina Homeschool & Tourist Destinations

    6. Fort Sumter Tours: One of the most sought out tours is of Fort Sumter! They will take you back in time by boat to experience where the Civil War began.

    7. South Carolina Aquarium: I have a love for aquariums and this one is certainly one I’m excited about! They have over 5000 animals and you can touch sharks, rays as well as see the state’s only Sea Turtle Hospital! I’m crazy about Sea Turtles so this one is super awesome for me!  Be sure and check out their website for additional home-school resources!Sea Turtle Recovery at South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston! Great Home-school Adventure!

    8. Carolina Queen Riverboat: This one may be a little more for entertainment than education, but if you’ve never been on a Riverboat I highly suggest it! It’s an awesome experience! It is definitely a good starting point to dive into learning about paddle boats, how they work and what they were used for! There, fun learning even for grownups!

    9. Haunted Jail Tours: Okay, I know you are thinking this is not educational. But slow down, stay with me! Touring the old city jail (with appropriate aged persons) can be a great way to teach home-school lessons about the judicial system, psychological points and even behavioral psychology! With a fun edge, it can be a good break from brain overload that a savvy parent can use later to teach lessons!

I hope that these have been a great source for you and would love to hear about your travel experiences to Charleston or even how you use destinations in your home school adventures!


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4 thoughts on “RoadSchooling in Charleston: 10 Destinations to Visit for Home-School & Vacations!

  • Wow, what a wonderful place to visit. I haven’t been there yet, but what a treasure trove of diversity of things to see and do. I can see why the Fort Sumter tour is such a hot place to learn about history – so much better than dry facts and figures from a textbook. MIddleton Place too – I’d love to see that. History right in front of you. Thanks for these to put on my list.

  • I have never been to South Carolina. I’ve been to North Carolina. Ever since I have seen “The Patriot” I have wanted to visit! The area looked like beautiful, untouched, virgin, territory!! I saw cotton fly n the air.
    The way you have described the 10 Destinations to Visit for Home-School & Vacations, makes me want to go on a school road trip! The best way to learn is to have some hands on training with some definite fun along the way! Aquariums are some of my favorite types of learning! They are the windows to the underwater sea life and land! This article was pin worthy! Plus I shared on other Social Media. Thank you for sharing!

    • I’ve been through, but wouldn’t say I’ve been there really. I love doing these posts and finding new places to someday visit! There’s so many wonder filled places that just make me want to jump in the car and take a road trip!

  • Molli Taylor

    i am headed to charleston this fall and i love these ideas


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