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Kassa Liquid Chalk

chalkKassa Liquid Chalk Markers

I have to confess, walking around and writing on random things is kind of fun to me. I’ve been playing with my Kassa markers for a while now to see what exactly I could do with them. I’ve discovered aside from my chalkboard, I can write on my appliances, counter tops and windows. It wipes off easily so I don’t have anything to worry about. Basically, you can write on anything that isn’t porous. Good times! It’s neat getting to draw on and decorate wine glasses for company. Takes the worry out of mixing up glasses at gatherings and it washes off easily! I’m definitely a fan!

While I wouldn’t suggest using these on the concrete outdoors, these are definitely the chalk for Mommy and Daddy to decorate with.  Car windows, sliding doors, etc can be  easily beautified with the markers.  I love the bright colors and hope that Kassa decides to come out with some more basic colors to expand the possibilities for fall chalk board decorations.  The markers have dual tips, so you can draw more precisely if you are doing more detailed work.  I seem to be using them most with making notes on the fridge so the point tips are working great for that.  If you are able to do calligraphy, the other point could be used for that.  Though I will confess for all my craftiness, calligraphy always eluded me.  Even after taking a class on it in middle school.  Bleh.
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  • July 30, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    these markers look like so much fun!


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