Find & Save: Pin Sale Must Haves!

9f98cb45d94dee14b4451492cdcef5abFind&Save gathers up sales and puts them all in one place.  They bring you the sales of your favorite stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walgreens, K-Mart, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, and tons more- even clothing stores!  There are multiple ways to search as well.  I was super glad to see that you could not only search by store, but also by category brand, community picks and even local ads!!!

Signing up is easy, like most things these days you can use your facebook or even your google account if you don’t want to type in your email and such.  You can even follow your favorite stores so you never miss a sale!  Sometimes, I love technology!

Wanna make your shopping list?  No problem!  Find the sale you like, pick the item and click the add button.  Bam, you are done!  Now you can download the app and have your list on the go!  No trees harmed!  😀

If you are like me and like to ‘dream shop’, then you’ll love creating a wish list!  I created a jewelry dream list and a crafty list of stuff I need (okay, want) for upcoming projects.  It was very easy to switch place them on the different lists without having to leave the page or spot I was at.  Lists can be saved privately or shared publicly.  Sharing with those who have similar interests seems like it would be great!  Always have an extra eye out!  I pinned my Crafty Sales List and you can check it out via the link if you’d like.

Check Em Out

Check em out via their website.  You are gonna love them!  It’s like Pinterest for shopping…  Um….  Yes, please!!!


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