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Kansas City: How to Embrace City Life Without Losing Yourself

Kansas City is a huge city, so much so that you can live in a different state and still live there! Figuring it out can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t from a big city. The most important thing is to grow as a person without losing who you are so that you can truly thrive.

For this post, we will focus on the Missouri side of the city, as it’s far too large to do the entire city in one post!

Finding Your Perfect Kansas City Home

Figuring out what part of the city to live in can be overwhelming. We’ve talked a lot about budgeting and it is definitely smart to start with your budget. Otherwise, the consequences could be quite negative. According to Zumper.com, the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1,055 per month. Keep in mind, median is the middle range. It’s not the highest and it’s not the lowest amount for rent.

According to Wikipedia, Kansas City Missouri has 240 neighborhoods in 8 different districts. That’s a lot of area to cover and can be quite overwhelming when trying to decide where to live. Having a realistic budget will certainly help narrow that area down. Living outside of your means will hinder your ability to truly embrace the city. It’s hard to have a social life when your eating ramen and bologna!

Another thing to consider when finding what part of town to live in is the distance to whatever locations fit your lifestyle. Distance to good schools, for example, may be a priority for you. For us, pets are most definitely an important priority. Our Service Dog is protected and can live anywhere, but he still needs places to go to get out his energy. Zumper allows you to search for specific things to help you find the perfect location for you.

Take a trip to Kansas City Missouri and explore before you choose your new part of town! There are a ton of hotels or you can stay in an AirBnB, quite possibly one in or near the neighborhood you are considering! It’s a fantastic way to get a little taste of that part of the city!

Kansas City: How to Embrace City Life Without Losing Yourself @Crafty_ZooEmbracing the Big Kansas City!

Kansas City is absolutely full of history, culture, activity and just about anything you could possibly be looking for. It is one of the top 50 places to live even! However, if you are moving there with no friends or family, it can be daunting and intimidating. I highly recommend getting guides and learning about the city before you fully decide on what you want. There are Insider Guides that are great for tourists and residents alike, they will help you get a feel for the city and feel more at home when you get out to explore.

Connect with new People

If you are religious, find a new church home. A quick google map search pulled up 20 different churches throughout the city! Churches are a great way to find a supportive, positive group of friends that you can grow and explore with.

Another way to connect is through social organizations. In example, there are even 15 Masonic Lodges there! I can tell you from experience, Masonic brethren become the dearest of friends and, eventually, family (but not the kind that you want to avoid!).  There are also various other civic organizations that you can get involved in all around the city. Volunteering is also an amazing way to both give back and connect with others in your community, many of the civic organizations (such as Masonry) have a strong focus on community, friendship and family.

Explore Kansas City History

Kansas City is full of history! Being founded as a town in 1850 but the history begins long before. There is almost literally something there for everyone! In my attempt to find the perfect book of history of the great city, I realized there is not one single book to encompass it all. Instead, I’m going to give you this link to the many history books of Kansas City!

There are a ton of wonderful museums and amazing landmarks throughout the entire city. The architecture is downright beautiful! Of course, I am a nut about old buildings and houses! Surely by now you’ve heard of the Kansas City Chiefs, but they also have lot of baseball, music history and so very much more! I’ve always been a huge fan of BBQ (check out my Southern BBQ Bites!) and Kansas City definitely has a reputation fr awesome BBQ!

Keeping Your Roots in the Big City

Essentially, your roots are at the core of who you are. The only way those can get away is if you choose to. For example, no matter where I live or who I’m around, I’ll always be a country Okie with both Cherokee and Caucasian history. Nothing can take that away and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who you are inside, your roots, will always be a part of you. You can choose which parts to embrace and which parts it may be time to let go of. Like the random racism that I grew up around. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that racism and racial bias is pure ignorance and insecurity. That doesn’t make it okay, but it does make it easier to love those I’d rather beat the snot out of (yeah, that’s some Okie right there).

While finding new friends and activities that are similar is tempting and a lot easier, remember that your personal growth does not in any way eliminate you, your roots or mean you aren’t you. So, get out and try something new, meet a new group of people and expand your circle of the world!

To Sum It Up…

Do your research.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Be true to yourself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kansas City and how you’ve kept your roots through adulthood!

Please note the amazing Image by jotoya from Pixabay


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