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Dolphin Island: Wholesome Family Fun Movie Night

Dolphin Island is a super sweet family film that I’m fairly certain every young girl is going to love! It has all the things they love: dolphins, a young girl as the main character who is surrounded by people that love her!

Sit Down & Relax with this Sweet Family Adventure!

Treats To Eat with the Film

Before you start your film, hook up some delicious homemade goodies! For Dolphin Island, and to meet the desires of most young girls, I recommend pairing it with a Mock Sonic Limeade Slushie, Homemade Lemonade with some popcorn or homemade pizza!

Dolphin Island: Sit Down & Relax with this Sweet Family Adventure!

Dolphin IslandA Little About Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island is a heart warming story about a fourteen year old girl, Annabel, who lives with her paternal grandfather, Jonah, on a fishing boat. She even has a dolphin friend who brings her ‘treasures’ that have been tossed in the sea (or taken from other people who walk the docks!).

Of course, no story is complete without some adversity. Her maternal grandparents, from a world away, suddenly show up and seem to be turning her life on it’s head. They want to take their granddaughter to live in New York! As everything goes crazy around her, Annabel attempts to get away but as fate would have it, there’s a problem with her boat!

Will Annabel be forced to go live with the grandparents she’s never known in New York?

Dolphin Island: Sit Down & Relax with this Sweet Family Adventure!

Dolphin Island: Sit Down & Relax with this Sweet Family Adventure!Parental Perception of the Movie

Dolphin Island is a sweet family movie, though is does seem more aimed toward ages 7 to 14 rather than up to 17. I can’t imagine a 17 year old being entertained. The visual scenes of the beautiful water was enough for me to escape happily into for a little while and the story was uplifting.

As a parent, it was nice to see a film where the youth weren’t sucked in by bribes and gifts. Annabel wasn’t obsessed with today’s obsessions (such as cell phones and tablets) which was certainly welcomed! Annabel also discourages her peer from scheming tourists into giving him tips.

It was also appreciated that the cast was multiracial and the sense of cohesion and family amongst the people of the island.

This film is very family friendly and I really can’t see any reason not to watch it, or let your kids watch so you can sit back and breathe for a bit! The ‘violence’ in the film is limited to a small amount of slap-stick comedic type fighting that most certainly doesn’t reflect any real adult violence that would be seen in most films. I’m absolutely certain that Home Alone has way more violence and my generation was watching that with no side affects when we were quite young!


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16 thoughts on “Dolphin Island: Wholesome Family Fun Movie Night

  • Stacey A Smith

    I love animals movies they are the fill goodliest to watch . my mom loves them as well.

  • Sarah Gibbs

    I think this movie looks like a great adventure. I’m so curious as what will be the outcome. So excited to give this movie a watch. Probably with some popcorn and homemade pizza for sure.

  • Linda Fast

    I have heard that this movie is really good, I would enjoy watching it with my granddaughters

  • Heather Kaufman

    My 12 year old was born in Hawaii & loves all thing to do with the ocean. My 9 year old loves all animals, I think this will be a great family movie.

  • My young grandsons love dolphins as much as I do. We would love watching this together! Pop the popcorn!

  • Thomas Gibson

    I would love to swim with the dolphins. However there are other things in the ocean that would prohibit me from fulfilling this wish. Unless it was in a controlled setting.

  • B.J. Bernal

    This looks like a good movie to watch with the family. Looks really good!

  • It looks like something my whole family will enjoy. My kids love watching new movies.

  • Tammy Catterton

    I have to say this look like a great movie to the whole family to watch . Just say we are big movie buffs here

  • Wendy Jensen

    This book sounds like a wonderful relaxing read.

  • Movies like this are making me ready for nicer, warmer weather!!! This would be great to bring in the warm weather. THank you

  • My family and I love dolphins! We watch animal movies quite often.

  • Terri Schneider

    Dolphin Island sounds like a dream come true! I would LOVE to meet dolphins!!

  • This sounds like a great family move. I can’t wait to plan a movie night to watch this.

  • my little niece would love to see this movie she is a dolphin lover and I think my wife and I would also enjoy this fingers crossed

  • Antoinette M

    This sounds like a wonderful movie for the whole family. My daughter would love the dolphin in the movie!


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