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Feeling Amazing Here. You Can Too.

Feeling amazing. For real. You can too. Whether you try these or not, you can feel amazing.

Pure by Rachelle Parker has a lot of wonderful products. They sell Essential Oils, Spa products, Natural body scrubs and more!  Their Spa Collection makes the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays,  anniversaries and whatever occasion one might need something for.  Especially just because occasions!

Feeling Amazing Here You Can Too. @pure_parker

We had the privilege of checking out their 14 Special Grade Pack of Essential Oils and their Arabica Coffee Scrub.  We’ll start with the oils, as they are amazing!  Of course, most of us know the love for oils, if you don’t, feel free to click on any of the oil links and learn the uses for them! You’ll love them soon enough!

Ready to Start Feeling Amazing?

Here’s How.

Alright. These products can do some awesome fantastic stuff. I’m loving them. I’m also confident that you will to.  Before they can help you though, you have to know something. I’ll tell you, but you gotta know this: I am not often wrong. Especially when it comes to the good in people.  So, don’t argue. Check out my credentials. But listen.

You, yes you, are amazing. I am too. It’s not something I often realize in myself, I’d wager that you are like me: always forgetting that you are amazing. But here’s the deal, whether we remember or not, it’s true. It’s time to start feeling it.

There is something, without a one on one I can’t call them out individually, but there is. You are beautiful, regardless of what you tell yourself or may think. There is beauty. Start feeling it.

I’ve dealt with a lot of depression, especially since we lost our baby girl. Today, I am pulling myself up and realizing my beauty.  You wanted it enough to read this, so you will to. It’s a step, trust me I know those. I’m here, on various social media, there’s even an email address listed. Reach out if you want.

Regardless, know that YOU are amazing.

It’s time to start feeling it. Now.

Feeling Amazing Here. You Can Too. Find Out How, #VDAY19 @pure_parker

14 Special Collection

The collection is a fantastic selection! It contains many of my favorites and some that I haven’t had the chance to try yet!  I’m super excited, here’s what they it contains:

Pure Essentials Collection #VDAY19 @pure_parkerOne of the things I was most pleasantly surprised by was the insert in the box.  Let’s face it, this girl loves surprises!  But even more so, I love that it is a handy reference for the oils! Each oil has listed the Aroma and the benefits.

Arabica Coffee Scrub. Feel Amazing @pure_parker #VDAY19

Arabica Coffee Scrub

Alright, who doesn’t love coffee to wake up to in the morning? If you answered me, just move on. There’s no hope for you. haha.  For the rest of us, oh my goodness!

The Arabica Coffee Scrub is definitely the best way to wake up in the shower! Go and start your coffee to drink then take a hot shower with Arabica! Not only will it wake you up, there are additional benefits for your skin!

What skin benefits you ask? Well, let me tell you!  This coffee scrub targets cellulite, stretch marks, and acne while moisturizing, regenerating and exfoliating with coffee, oils and salts!

The Test

I use lotion a lot. Not cheap lotion, not just good smelling stuff either and am still seriously battling this winter with dry, dry skin.   That of course meant the coffee scrub was up for a test! It’s quite pleasing to say that it made my hands immediately softer.  I’m quite confident that after a few more uses the rough patches of dry skin will be completely gone!

Feeling Amazing Here. You Can Too. #VDAY19

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Amazing Here. You Can Too.

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  • Edna Williams

    Feeling awesome is one thing I really want! The Arabica Coffee Scrub sounds like a great start! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I have some essential oils and I’m trying to figure out how to use them, what each one does, etc. That coffee scrub sounds great. I’m telling you, I love using scrubs, getting rid of that dry skin.


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