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How to Make Hairspray

Hey Everyone!  Here is a great little recipe to make your own hairspray!  No more harsh chemicals in your beautiful hair!  Plus, it’s way easier to breath when you spray this one!  LOL.

Light Lemon Hair Spray

2-4 lemons


Slice the lemons and cover with water in a pan. Simmer for 1 hour, adding more water as it evaporates. Let cool, then strain. Pour the lemon liquid into a pump spray bottle.

Makes 2 to 3 cups.
Shelf life: About a week refrigerated.

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Honey Facial

Ever gone to the spa and treated yourself to one of those fancy facials????
****If your answer to the above question is for you, skip to the instructions!  :D****


Still reading, huh?  You must be like me….  Let’s go into dreamland, shall we…  Lying in a comfortable chaise lounge, all white and soft but who cares about stains, we’ll throw it out and get another!  Lying back, cucumbers over our eyes.  Egyptian cotton robe covering us as men that only exist in our depths of imagination feed us grapes upon command, warm facial doing it’s magic to our pores….  Okay, waking up….

If you had to skip that paragraph, you may now continue reading….  LOL

1/4 c oatmeal (mine is ground)
1/4 c water
2 tsp honey

Now, the fun part:

  1. Remember the yummy imagined scenario….  Yeah……  Close your eyes and use that imagination!
  2. Apply mask to face, avoid eyes and hair!
  3. Live in your imaginary spa for 15 minutes
  4. Come back into reality, rinse with warm water.
  5. Pat face dry!  

***I make a whole jar, so we can use it whenever, but the instructions below are for a few applications.  If you’d like to do a jar, nix the water!  The honey and oatmeal will separate, so stir and apply to moistened skin.

I really hope your imagination is working when you try this!  It makes a great gift, but of course you should try it out first…  Ya know, to….uhh….make sure it’s worthy….

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Hand Scrub

Please excuse that buggy little black spot on the jar, my camera hates me now and has decided to put that spot in every picture I take!!!  I’ll take any pointers as to how to fix it if you have any!!!  It’s in the camera, not the lens.  🙁  Thanks and I hope you enjoy this!!!
Hand Scrub makes a great gift! Women love it, and though they may not admit it, the men at the Zoo use and enjoy it too! I’ve seen them! LOL. Believe it or not, the scrub is easier to make than the jar is to decorate! LOL. Just make sure you don’t use a tall jar, as it will be difficult to use it. I made that mistake and now our jar has a spoon sitting in it so that we can get to the scrub!!! Baby food jars are PERFECT for this, or any small jar really. Not only does it cleanse the dead and rough skin off your hands, but the oil puts a coat on your hands that allows the moisture to sink in! It’s great!
On the tag, be sure and instruct recipients to use warm to hot water. If you use cold water, too much oil will stay on your hands.
Now, on to the how-to! Again, I don’t have the measurements, just remember it’s a scrub so it should be thick. If you add too much oil, don’t worry just add more sugar! Or, vice versa!
2 cups Sugar
olive oil
essence oil (found at natural food stores)
Combine. Mix. Load in jars. Enjoy!
I use orange, but you could use any sort you wanted. You could also use ground cloves to make it scented. Whatever you prefer!!!
These make great Christmas gifts, as skin tends to get dry in the winter. Or you could add some stuff and make a home spa gift basket for a birthday gift, secret pal, teacher, anyone!!! It’s limitless really, the possibilities for gifts and such.
***Just remember to make extra so you can have some to sit on your sink for when your done cooking! All of us Zoo Keepers deserve a little pampering, this way you can treat yourself when your Monkey’s are going crazy. A little moment of escape during hectic Zoo moments!

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The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad

The New YouSo to get this out the way, this is a sponsored post. Since my opinion is not for sale, all are my own! Enjoy.
Ever noticed how an actress can look so different in real life versus on screen that she is difficult to recognize? Even when it’s in the tabloids, we have to do a double take because the difference is so huge! Granted, I’m sure they can easily tell and so can their personal friends and families but the average person can’t always tell. A good friend of mine is a celebrity nut for whatever reason and she can spot people like crazy! We both like to bicker, so I frequently argue with her but she is typically right but it is always entertaining to do anyway. That topic really made me start thinking about how I could alter my appearance for fun. I have to admit, sometimes I’m envious of that easy difference that my beautiful black friends and family members can make with wigs and weaves and what not. Many of them have made comments on my hair being so straight and ‘easy’ (it is, but I can do nothing with it).

For all of you black women out there, know this white chick is jealous of your hair. I absolutely love braids but dreads are not meant for white people hair, seriously not, and our braids must be taken out after a day or two to be able to wash or else we get this look that is just nasty. Our hair must be washed frequently to keep from looking disgusting, yours however is best when not constantly washed. If you want dreads and you aren’t black, get a wig, otherwise it’s just gross. Outside of your general group of friends, no one thinks that looks good. Unless you are that one chick, Bo Derrick, she pulled it off. Quite possibly due to the fact that she had a ton of professionals to make it happen. Some things are better left undone.

1. Get a New Look

I was totally amazed at how a different outfit can alter ones appearance. Especially if it’s not their typical style! It only takes a few key pieces of clothing to go from one style to a totally different one. You don’t have to go overboard shopping, hit up local thrift stores and find 2-3 key pieces for a look you don’t typically sport. The difference when put together with the other tips is astounding.

The New You 5 Ways to create, re-create, or just mix up the outward you!
Photos Courtesy of Vivica A Fox Handmade Collection

2. Accessorize

Accessories make a huge difference. Purses, jewelry, hats, wigs, hair pieces and others coordinated with that new look you are going for really pulls it together and completely alters the way we look. It can take us from one person to another simply and easily!

3. Step out of your comfort zone

It’s not always easy to try something new, especially something like a new look. Don’t let it stop you. If it helps, go into your mind and pretend you are playing a role like they do on stage. You are beautiful, no matter what’s on the outside so flaunt it!

4. Change your make-up style

I know I tend to use the same colors all the time and I put it on the same way every time. Youtube is full of new ways to expand your make-up regimen. Explore and experiment!

5. Change your hair

Finally, and this one can be the most drastic of all, change your hair! Play with wigs, hair styles, colors, the sky is the limit!  There are even temporary colors now that make everything seem incredibly different!

By the way, if a wig is a way you want to go you should check out Divatress!  They have a ton to choose from!  There are so many that I just love!  Definitely planning on using their site to change up my outward me soon.  I think it will be a fun thing to play with.

Remember this:
However you change up your style, whether it’s little things or a total appearance change, always remember that you are beautiful, special and it’s the inside that counts. No amount of outside change could ever change what’s deep down on the inside. So step out, check yourself and enjoy life to the fullest!

Feeling Lucky? @LugzNYC & an Herbal Foot Soak!

Shoes are absolutely awesome and most days I really like wearing them and then there are other days. Unfortunately, nobody lets me go barefoot and frankly I’ve seen the bottom of my feet after running through a parking lot and I really do not love that.  However, since society and filth dictate the necessity for me to wear shoes,  at least I feel like I’m barefoot sometimes. Let’s face it, our feet are made to walk.  *Queue the Boots are Made for Walking song to now be stuck in your head.  Your welcome. LOL*

My new Lugz Seabrooks are a great break from the dress shoes that I have to wear to work sometimes. They make me feel like I’m not wearing shoes at all sometimes except my feet are protected and stay clean. LOL Isn’t that nice? With the canvas on the outside, they are easy to wipe clean which makes them perfect for any kind of chores!  I love that I can work in the garden in them, hose them down and dry them in the dryer then wear them again with nearly anything!  Lugz Seabrook’s can go from the playground and casual dress to (in the right color) business in just a dusting of a hand towel and a change of clothes!  

Ahh, promotional items!  I did get these for free in exchange for this review.  However, my opinion is my own.  To that note, here are the things I don’t like…  Typically, I wear running shoes.  I always have.  This is the very first pair of shoes I have ever owned in this type.  It takes some time for your feet to adjust if you don’t normally wear shoes without support.  That’s it.  That’s my only complaint.  That being said, I will definitely be getting more shoes in this style in the future.  While they won’t be the shoes I wear for walks and runs, they will definitely be on my feet quitte frequently!

After a long day at work or play, we should all find a way to treat ourselves.  So, below is a fabulous way to make a simple foot bath to soak your feet in and relieve emotional stress at the same time!  What could be better after a long day when time is of the essence?

Hate your big feet?  Here’s a little tidbit I came across that I thought I would share.  The Karo Batik people of Indonesia find larger feet far more sexy, but then perhaps they aren’t bombarded with media telling them what to think!  So, ladies and gentlemen, perhaps if media didn’t control our opinions as if we were sheep we would all be loving big feet!  Until then, that’s a thought to keep in our arsenal!  I have big feet, I say it’s because I’m so tall I need the help with my balance.

Need an amazing foot soak? Check the Herbal Foot Bath below!  Catch Lugz on their SiteFacebook, Instagram & Twitter for awesome updates & more!

Not enough time for a full soak? My suggestion is to make the mixtures in something you can seal, then wipe down your feet and prop them up for a while!

Herbal Foot Bath

Soften feet & Relieve Stress

All In One

¼ Cup Carrier Oil: this can be olive, coconut, almond etc. Whatever you like!

15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Below are some concoctions you may find helpful:

lavender and/or chamomile – For Calming

bergamot and/or sweet orange – To Uplift You

* clary sage and/or sandalwood – To help you Find The Moment

* eucalyptus and/or peppermint – To invigorate you

*ginger – For Warming

*jasmine – For Sensuality

On to The


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