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Hand Scrub

Please excuse that buggy little black spot on the jar, my camera hates me now and has decided to put that spot in every picture I take!!!  I’ll take any pointers as to how to fix it if you have any!!!  It’s in the camera, not the lens.  🙁  Thanks and I hope you enjoy this!!!
Hand Scrub makes a great gift! Women love it, and though they may not admit it, the men at the Zoo use and enjoy it too! I’ve seen them! LOL. Believe it or not, the scrub is easier to make than the jar is to decorate! LOL. Just make sure you don’t use a tall jar, as it will be difficult to use it. I made that mistake and now our jar has a spoon sitting in it so that we can get to the scrub!!! Baby food jars are PERFECT for this, or any small jar really. Not only does it cleanse the dead and rough skin off your hands, but the oil puts a coat on your hands that allows the moisture to sink in! It’s great!
On the tag, be sure and instruct recipients to use warm to hot water. If you use cold water, too much oil will stay on your hands.
Now, on to the how-to! Again, I don’t have the measurements, just remember it’s a scrub so it should be thick. If you add too much oil, don’t worry just add more sugar! Or, vice versa!
2 cups Sugar
olive oil
essence oil (found at natural food stores)
Combine. Mix. Load in jars. Enjoy!
I use orange, but you could use any sort you wanted. You could also use ground cloves to make it scented. Whatever you prefer!!!
These make great Christmas gifts, as skin tends to get dry in the winter. Or you could add some stuff and make a home spa gift basket for a birthday gift, secret pal, teacher, anyone!!! It’s limitless really, the possibilities for gifts and such.
***Just remember to make extra so you can have some to sit on your sink for when your done cooking! All of us Zoo Keepers deserve a little pampering, this way you can treat yourself when your Monkey’s are going crazy. A little moment of escape during hectic Zoo moments!

Originally posted 2011-08-18 21:10:00.