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Fashion Socks For the Ladies: Made in the USA

Fashion Socks For the Ladies: Made in the USAFashion socks can be so much fun! It’s a great way to spruce up a ‘normal’ look or to just go a little crazy. Plus, there’s something fun about having silly socks.

Admittedly, my hubby has at least 30 pairs of socks that are strictly fashionable. He has all kinds of crazy pairs from different colored shapes to Bob Ross prints. He often coordinates his tie, dress shirt and dress socks. I asked him one day what the point was, since they are always underneath dress pants. He was in the process of tying his tie, he finishes and proceeds to inform me that it’s because he can do this: he stretches his leg out a bit and pulls his pant leg up saying ‘bam’. My writing does not do the humor in that moment justice, just imagine the most over the top showing ever and you’ve got it.

That little scenario really gave me a new appreciation for fashion socks. I frequently wear long, formal skirts (hate showing my legs) and have decided that fashion socks are just what I need to rebel a little. Something silly to go under those dresses with my boot heals. Those heals are my little way of staying true to the tomboy inside me. The socks, well they’ve got to be a little crazy and totally not match for my own amusement.

I’m loving the colors in the striped socks and am excited at the prospect of adding some to my wardrobe. The image at the left was borrowed with permission from Knee High Socks.org. They have so many fabulous designs and even some on clearance (because we all love clearance!). Their products are made in the U.S.A. and they have a clear statement of how they stand behind their products. Both are things I appreciate.

It seems like very often we seek things made in the country but flail about trying to find those products. Hopefully this fabulous find will help you find the perfect socks that are, in fact, made in this country. If you aren’t from the US, I encourage you to buy things made here as well.

If that’s not enough for you, I’m absolutely loving this: they have a very clearly stated policy on using items from animals. You can check it out here. As an animal lover, I’m pretty serious about this particular topic.

Being provided the image below, it made me smile to think about the fun of being young and having ones own style, whether it’s out there or just a little different. Ahh, the bravado of youth. Of course, I’ve learned since passing my 20’s that there’s no real reason we can’t hold on to that, even if we have to conform to work attire. So, my pretty socks will be hidden underneath for me to occasionally pop out on people for a smile and a little self entertainment.

What do you do to break out of the norm?

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One thought on “Fashion Socks For the Ladies: Made in the USA

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I am a socks fanatic. These are so cute!


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