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Teens Answered: Letters. Problems. Real Teenagers.

Deer Libby is a fantastic book to help, empower and defeat issues every teenager and pre-teen faces. Personal letter from teens: answered!

Dear Libby: Letters & Problems From Teens Answered!

Teenage Difficulty

Being a teenager is not the easiest transition. Entering adulthood and leaving behind childhood introduces a teen to a new world of problems. Seeking out answers for questions that are difficult to ask, but need to be addressed, is one of the harder parts of teen life.

Creating new relationships, which hold more depth than the ones created in early childhood, can be confusing and difficult. The right of passage is not something easily obtained in the world of teens. There are plenty of standards to live up to, as well as approval to gain.

Dear Libby: Letters & Problems From Teens Answered!

My Teen Challenges

My oldest came home from school worried about her best friend. A boy that her friend has had a crush on “for like ever” had asked my daughter to be his valentine. And my daughter didn’t know what to do.

I asked her if she also had a crush on the boy, she said no that she wasn’t interested, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

It was my suggestion that she tell the boy that he should ask the other girl instead. But my daughter said that wouldn’t work because he didn’t like her friend that way.

It has been years since this momma has had to deal with such complex social issues. And truthfully any advice that I could offer was out of their maturity levels to comprehend.

This scenario led me to investigate what a parent can do to help their child during the harder parts of growing up. That is where I discovered Dear Libby!

Dear Libby: Letters & Problems From Teens Answered!

Teens Answered:

Letters. Problems. Real Teenagers.

The book is filled with real questions from teens dealing with social and even home life problems. The questions are answered by an advice columnist who not only addresses the issue, but also throws in words of wisdom in a way that teens can understand and accept!

Which, lets face it parents, is extra helpful for our teens because teens do not accept the words of wisdom from their moms and dads. Just think…we were there once too…

Growing Up is Hard To Do

Growing up is difficult enough, and now the world has changed so drastically that we as parents have a harder time relating to the issues that teens now face. Having and extra ace the pocket could very well be your teens saving grace.

Worried your teen won’t touch the book because it came from you? Here is a mom who can relate with that!

I just laid the book on my daughter’s bed with a post-it note saying “In case I “don’t get it!’”.

Since reading the advice given in Dear Libby, my daughter has seemed to have a better understanding of herself and the people she chooses to bring into her life.

Kids grow up so fast, with the dramatic change of what teenage life was like and how it is now, this momma is extremely relieved to have found a source to help my child as she becomes the woman she wants to be. Learn more about setting the right foundations for your teenager to succeed.  You’ll be glad you did!

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This Book was Provided By Familius

This Book was Provided By Familius in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by the receipt of said book.

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