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Pork Brine: Taking Pork Loin to A New Level

Pork Brine is so simple yet so yummy!  They’ll be beggin’ for more!  Enjoy! A perfect recipe for any cut of pork!

Pork Brine #Recipe! Try it today and take your dinner to the next level!
We didn’t do brines growing up, or at least I don’t remember them.  Having been introduced to them now, I’m hooked!  It definitely takes the flavor up a notch or two!  

When we were trying to do paleo, we serve it with mashed sweet potatoes and some fantastic green beans!  Even if you don’t have diet restrictions, it’s delicious with those sides!

We use pork loin with our pork brine, but I’m sure this could be done with any type of pork.  Actually, thinking about it, pork chops would be out of this world from this brine!

I’m not sure how it would work with beef or other types of meat.  Though I’d love to hear if you give it a try!

Pork Brine


2 c chicken broth
1/3 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp pepper
1 tbsp thyme
2 bay leaves
1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 c kosher salt


1.  Bring chicken broth, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and bay leaves to a boil.
2.  In separate bowl, mix together brown sugar, kosher salt, pepper, and thyme.

3.  Mix contents from bowl in with liquids and stir until sugar and salt are completely dissolved.

4.  Let mixture cool to room temperature.
5.  Add pork to mixture, put in fridge overnight.
6.  Bake the pork in the oven at 400 degrees til it reaches the proper temp.  After removing it from oven, let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes so that the flavors can really set in.  If you can’t resist the temptation to get started, that’s okay too.


While the pork loin is fantastic on it’s own, it’s also delicious on sandwiches the next day!  It’s definitely a great idea to make extra for leftovers!

What’s your favorite way to cook pork???


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5 thoughts on “Pork Brine: Taking Pork Loin to A New Level

  • I used a pork loin but I’m sure it would be great with a roast as well.

  • What are you using? a loin? A roast? Looks easy and good and actually we eat pork rather often around here, we like it!

  • Num I make pork a lot and never thought of cooking it in a brind, stopping over from @BloggyMoms!

  • I don’t eat pork that often but this looks easy. I love roasted pork.


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