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Pick’Ams: Super Tasty Quick Simple Appetizers


The first time I had these was when I was a kid at my Great Granny’s house.  She and some ladies had a regular Bridge night where they all brought easy to eat and super yummy snacks.

Granny let me and my cousin Krystle have some before being sent off to let the grown ups have their game time. From then on, I was in love!

Later, I introduced them to my bestie Stacy and it was our go to snack for an entire summer.  Fabulous that it’s a cold one on hot days, but works wonderfully on cooler days as well!

I am pretty certain we brought stocks in Atkins Dill Pickles up a notch that summer!

Needless to say, I still love Pick’Ams, over 20 years later! I can imagine my Great Granny, with her strong, Louisiana accent, telling me about the recipe, where it came from, and about her childhood.  It makes me smile.

Two things before I get started:

  1. These never had a name, I made one up.  Previously they were those ham roll thingy’s.  If you have a better name, PLEASE leave it in the comments!  I’ve been trying to come up with a fitting one for a while.  Pick’Ams pays homage to my Granny’s Southern Belle heritage, so I used it.  LOL
  2. I’m always looking for simple appetizers!  If you know of any, leave a link or suggestion or something!  Seems like I have a hard time coming up with them!

Now, without further ado I will give you the recipe.  Cherish it, enjoy it!  The recipe will always be close to my heart.  Your guests will love it!PickAms1



1 Jar of Dill Pickles

Cream Cheese, softened (I use low fat)

1 Package Ham of Choice

Mayo (optional)


In a bowl, mix cream cheese and mayo.  If you aren’t using mayo, then simply ensure the cream cheese is at a spreadable temp.

Lay out ham and pat dry.

Using a spatula, spread the cream cheese mixture over the ham.

Place pickle on ham and roll it.  Chill for 24 hours or more.  The chilling helps harden the cream cheese back up and holds it together.

After it is chilled, slice and enjoy!





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5 thoughts on “Pick’Ams: Super Tasty Quick Simple Appetizers

  • monique s

    I like this recipe. I think it is doable and love it is quick too. THe family will enjoy for sure

  • Sandy C.

    What a great recipe! I’ve never had anything like this, or even heard about it, but it sure looks good! And how blessed you are that you got to know your great Granny! I only knew 2 grandparents…and no great-grandparents at all.

    • I am blessed! I had the privilege of growing up with 1 Great-Great-Grandmother, 1 Great-Grandfather and two Great Grandmothers! So many wonderful stories and memories that I have now and am grateful for. Hoping that I can pass on some of the traditions with my own grandchildren.

  • This is such a great idea! You have to love pickles, of course. My daughters love them, my son doesn’t. But I would definitely make these for us! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

    • My pleasure! I feel like it honors my Granny as she was such a generous and loving woman! She’d give anyone anything she could!


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