Dairy Free Crepes and Chunky Fruit Syrup Filling


I will admit that the thought of making crepes didn’t effect me at all.  I hadn’t even heard of them…  Then Chief Zoo Keeper decided that they were too difficult for me to make…  Challenge taken!  The recipe, the process, was very easy.  If you are worried about trying them, don’t.  I swear it was easy!


2 beaten eggs

1 ½ Silk (you can use milk if you’d like)

1 c all-purpose flour

1 tbsp cooking oil

¼ tsp salt

First, let me start by saying that over mixing is your worst enemy!  Over mixing = tough crepes!  Be careful!  Warning over…  now on with it!  Mix all ingredients!  Beat until combined.


Heat a lightly greased 6 inch skillet.  Remove from heat and add a small amount of batter.  Tilt the skillet around in circle to spread out the batter.  If you haven’t done this before, crepes are supposed to be thin!


Return skillet to heat and brown on one side.  You’ll know when they are browned because the bubbles will be popped, quite similar to when it would be time to flip if they were pancakes.


When done, place crepe on paper towel or wax paper.  Let cool.

Start again.  Occasionally, let the skillet cool some.  If it gets too hot, you’ll burn the crepe before it’s done.

Many people like different toppings and combinations of fillings.  My personal favorite was fresh strawberries and nutella.  We also had crunchy peanut butter as filling.  Super yummy!

Chunky Fruit Syrup Filling

Chief Zoo Keeper hooked up the fruit filling you see pictured.  It’s a combination of blueberries, strawberries, orange pineapple juice, honey and pineapples.  Simply combine in a small skillet (he used the wok) and simmer down the juices to thicken.  Once the juice reaches your desired thickness, you are golden!

Whichever filling you use, add a small amount in the middle and roll the crepe up.  We topped ours with powdered sugar and the thickened juice, but whipped cream would be amazing too!  Chief is allergic to dairy, so we don’t have the yummy toppings laying around anymore.

Since we are new to the land of crepes, we’d love to hear your favorite toppings and fillings!  The crepes were quick and easy with an added bonus of being low fat, so they may just become a staple around the Zoo!

Originally posted 2013-05-16 00:01:32.

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  1. OMG, thanks for the idea! I haven’t made crépes in a while. Now I know what to do for the weekend.

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