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Hello there! Dawn here from With a Side of Thriftiness. I am so glad to have the opportunity to blog here at Crafty Zoo with Monkeys, thank you Kaycee! I would like to take this opportunity to discuss knitting. Yes, I am 30+ and just learning to knit. My husband had bought me a “learning to knit kit” for Valentine’s day. I am ashamed to admit it has been staring at me, begging to be opened. There is no time like the present, right?

I have tried to teach myself in the past, and well… it’s just confusing to me. I guess it would be easier for some to show me, personally. Today was my very first day to take a “stab” at knitting again, well if you can call it knitting, lol! It took near an hour to learn how to make a long-tail cast chain on my needle. Then, watched some YouTube videos and still could not get the whole hand / yarn / needle positions. I happened to notice the Knitty Gritty crafting show on TV today. They were using a nifty device that seems like an easier way for a newbie to learn. The device is called a Knitting Nancy. It allows you to knit with yarn and hands ONLY! No needles. Terrific, right?

I had never heard of a Knitting Nancy, have you? Since I am not sure when I will be able to get to the craft store next, I turned to Pinterest to see if there is a homemade version of a Knitting Nancy. Low and behold, there was a PIN for that. I am beginning to think there is a PIN for everything! I found how to make my very own Knitty Nancy from some popsicle sticks and the tube from a roll of toilet paper. Crazy! Below you will see how I constructed the device:

I am probably way behind for my age, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. It is embarrassing to know that children can knit, yet I can not. I turned yet again to YouTube and found a tutorial video of a child knitting like crazy… with a DIY Knitting Nancy! So there is hope for me… after all!

He’s good, right! You go boy, you go! Since I found a YouTube Video of a child knitting with the Knitting Nancy, I wanted to see if there are any other tutorials for the device. Here’s the best one that I found:

Wish me luck as I start my new venture in knitting. I hope to get good enough to transition to using actual needs. I appreciate the time you took to read my little guest post. Here’s to all those who Knit 🙂

Originally posted 2013-05-14 00:16:53.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Knitting Nancy Guest Post”

  1. I see this and think “okay what the heck do I do with that “row” of knitting”. I guess I just don’t get it. I am perplexed how you get a scarf say from using it. Plus someone with arthritis like me would have a hard time using it. But I do love that it is good for kids and perhaps would start a passion for crochet or knitting. Thanks for the post! :o)

  2. I use to knit when I was young and think about it all the time. I even brought my old knitting needles back from my parent’s home years ago. But they sit in a drawer.

    Hopefully this will motivate me to get them out and attempt to pick it back up again. Good luck to you in your knitting adventures.

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