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6 Camping Necessities You Didn’t Know You Needed

6 Camping Necessities You Didn't Know You NeededOne of my oldest and bestest friends and I decided to pack up and take our babies camping this week.  We got back yesterday, and boy am I sunburned!  I know, I know, USE SUNBLOCK!!!  Which, I did on day one and day three, but on day two I managed to forget it.  However, we did manage to remember to put it on the kids so that’s something, right?  LOL.  The result being that she and I are sunburned and all the Monkeys are perfectly brown.  Go figure.  LOL.  I am glad they aren’t burned too though!

I thought I would right a short post today about camping, since I’m too sore to sit at my keyboard for long.  LOL.  Anyway, here is my list of random things we MUST take with us next time!

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DIY Knitting Nancy Guest Post

Hello there! Dawn here from With a Side of Thriftiness. I am so glad to have the opportunity to blog here at Crafty Zoo with Monkeys, thank you Kaycee! I would like to take this opportunity to discuss knitting. Yes, I am 30+ and just learning to knit. My husband had bought me a “learning to knit kit” for Valentine’s day. I am ashamed to admit it has been staring at me, begging to be opened. There is no time like the present, right?
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Ruff Day Survival Kit

A very, very dear friend was having a rough patch and I felt like she needed a little pick me up. So, I made her a rough day kit. It turned out super adorable, but I forgot to take very many pics. Here are the ones I have. I attached a paper to it, folded into a scroll that told what each item was for. I modified them to fit our personalities a bit. I’m going to say, I was so pleased to see that it really did help make her feel better. As much as it meant to me that it made her smile, hearing her beautiful baby girl read it was probably the icing on the cake! It was adorable listening to her, and it made the words mean so much more!
I used cardboard letters and cut the bones and pup from Everyday Paper Dolls at 3”. The pup was cut on real dial size, but the bones were not.
All of the items were put in with glue dots or scotch tape (some things wouldn’t stick to the dots, like the eraser!).  Also, the energy thing in the upper corner is a notepad I made, I’ll do a tutorial for that eventually.  I sat it on top of the stuff in the box, as I wanted her to be able to use it.


In order to get the paw prints in the background of the page, I found some online and copied and pasted them to a document, changed them to a watermark and printed. Then I used the same sheet to add the Ruff Day Kit explanations on it. I did the font over the watermark in brown ink.
Here are the words I’ve got printed on the paper:
For when you have those
RRRRUFF days!!!
A Rubberband to help you be flexible and not to break, as God has it under control!
Romans 8:28
A Paper Clip to help you hold things together.
Piece of String to help you tie up loose ends.
A Penny to give you extra “cents” that everyone needs.
A screw, because you know yours are loose!!!
A Pin to pinpoint problems
Cotton Ball…for times when you can’t hear yourself think and to cushion the hard days
Eraser…so everyone can start each day with a clean slate: God forgives us, so we must forgive others!
Aspirin…for when all else fails…take two
A tissue: For drying tears
A toothpick: To “pick out” reminders of your blessings
Matthew 7:1
A flower: In the “garden of life” each friendship is
beautiful and unique. I’m so thankful for our new friendship!
Jewel – because you are as valuable as any precious stone!
Popcorn – Even if we haven’t talked yet today – you have already “popped” into my thoughts .
Notepad: a place to list your blessings!

Ephesians 1:3

Tea Bag: to remember to relax and go over that list of blessings!  1 Thessalonians 5:18
A Match – To light your fire when you’re feeling burned out
A Snowflake: To remind you that there is a season for all things!

Ecclesiastes 3

I’d love to say these were my own creations, but I’d be lying! SO, here is a link to the wonderful site I found them at. I did modify some and add scripture. I didn’t type the scripture, as I wanted her to have the distraction and time with God to find them herself. I know we all need it!
Hope you enjoy! Here are some other projects that can be great pick me ups for someone you love!

The Ruff Day Kit was featured here:

Serenity you

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Fancy and Cute Fairy Dust

Okay, so I shall begin by saying this was not my idea.  I scraplifted it from another blog.  The blog I got it from is called The Dragons Fairy Tail and I just loved it!  SO, I made a version that was a little more….  shall we say….  eye catching.  LOL  Anyway, be sure and check it out!  Super cute!  Here is my version…

I took a small bottle and filled it with ‘Fairy Dust’ (also known to those of us who aren’t quite as creative as white glitter).  I suggest using a funnel if you have one, as we all know glitter gets everywhere!  However, if you don’t have a funnel, you can use a piece of paper rolled into a funnel, just be careful when you unroll the ‘funnel’ because glitter will go flying! The bottle I used was a bottle they had at the liquor store (don’t judge me, we cook with liquor, only OCCASIONALLY partaking responsibly!) but any small bottle would work.  Only limited to your imagination!

The lid was tricky!  Since it was so small, I couldn’t get the ribbon (?) around it (plus I didn’t want it to ever come off to reveal the alcohol logo!) so I took a lid from a plastic pop bottle and glued it on top.  Note: the ONLY glue I could get to work was a hot glue gun, all others came unglued!  I had to fill the space between the two lids with glue also.  After the glue had dried, I took this pink stuff (not sure what it’s called, sort of like ribbon but stringier!  LOL)  and glued it around the outside and on top.  I got it from Hobby Lobby.  You’ll only need 1/2 yard to do two of these, and you’ll have some left over.

Sorry the pic is sideways!  LOL.  I didn’t notice it when I uploaded.  Anyway, I made the label, simple and self explanatory.

The fairy ribbon I also got from Hobby Lobby.  Again, half a yard will be more than enough but honestly a 1/4 would do it.  If that!  I glued it and the ribbon using my hot glue gun.  Man, I really am starting to love that thing!!!

This is a terrible picture of the finished product.  I couldn’t seem to get a good angle!  I’m sure you get the idea though!  I placed the fairies so that they were both flying toward the front.  This would make a cute little gift for a fairy themed birthday party, a decoration for a fairy themed room (You could even do larger bottles, though I would suggest making the glitter stick to the inside of the bottle rather than filling it!), or even a gift for an eccentric teenage girl!  (Which is what mine is for!)

As a side note, I was thinking the ‘bad fairies’ would have black dust.  What do ya think?  Not sure if I will make it, but it came to mind so there it is! 

I am looking for any projects I could do with dinosaurs.  Please leave a link or comment if you have one.  I have some girls in LOVE with them and I’d like to do something like that!!!!  Thanks and hope your Zoo is filled with laughter!  Will be trying to figure out how to do a linky party, as I just love those!  Plus, it would give us all a chance to expand our horizons!!!

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Make Your Own Pirate Kit #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay


Make Your Own Pirate Kit #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay

I have been blessed with some awesome people in my life.  One of which is my very first niece.  I still remember the very first time I saw her and held her!  That beautiful baby stole my heart!  I will admit, I’ve told that story and/or thought about that moment so many times I feel like I must be somewhere close to 80 but that’s okay, it was great!

pirate-girls-diy-pirate-kitThis year the little beauty graduated high school this year and has started her first year in college.  (Could you guess I’m proud?) So, as her graduation gift, I promised to send care packages as long as she is in college.  Should she decide to go all the way to her doctorate my husband is gonna have to get a second job to support our boxes!  Especially since I keep wanting to go overboard on what I buy for them.  LOL.  Whatever, what the husband doesn’t know will not hurt him (unless he finds out, then I might! haha).  All jokes aside, Uncle is very proud as well and happy to share this ongoing graduation gift!

pirate-kitAll that being said, since National Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th, I decided that she needed a Pirate box.  Long John Silvers and Dunkin’ Donuts both have freebies if you come in and talk like a pirate and an even better freebie if you dress up!  With this in mind, I got to work researching and trying to find what I should make or put in her box.  She has a love for Johnny Depp so a few of them are related.  I thought I’d share the links and pictures with you.  Hope you enjoy!



In Our Kit

Treasure Chest with Gold Coins, jewels, and some other treasures!

Eye Patch

DIY Hook (directions below)

Cardboard Pirate Sword to Make

Sash (directions below)


Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate-Speak Printable

Honorary Pirate Printable

Pirates Border Free Printable

Pirates Code


Pirate eye patch

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest

Make Your Own Paper Toys!


To Make the Hook

To make the hook, take a plastic cup (like you get from takeout) and spray paint it black.  While it’s drying, cut the shape of a hook out of cardboard leaving a longish piece at the bottom to fold in to help it keep from coming out (plus this way you can hold on to it with your fingers).  Wrap the cardboard in tin foil.  Cut a small slit into the end of the cup and insert your hook, folding the extra inside to one side.  Commence with piracy!

To Make the Sash

Cut a piece of cloth about 8-12 inches wide and long enough to wrap around and still have plenty to hang down.  You don’t have to sew it or anything, it’s supposed to look rough!  Tie around your waist so that there is plenty hanging down!

I’d love to hear yer thoughts, adventures or anything about Pirates!

Find Yer Treasure....A Pirate Linky