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Online Baby Shower: How to Make It Unforgettable

An Online Baby Shower is something that can be necessary. Whether Momma is on bed rest, everyone lives far apart or you are actually reading this during the crazy Covid 19 social distancing time, we’ve got an easy step by step guide to make it unforgettable!

Online Baby Shower: How to Make It Unforgettable

The idea for this came to me due to the Covid 19 epidemic. My first born niece is pregnant with her very first baby at the time of this writing and I kept thinking that it’s going to be impossible to do a baby shower if this doesn’t pass soon. I also thought about our family that lives far away, whose events we can neither throw nor, typically, attend.

Online Baby Shower: How to Make It UnforgettableOf course, the only solution is to have it online but making it memorable can be a challenge. No worries, we’ve got this down!

Finding a Platform. Obviously, facebook groups are quite easy to create and utilize. However, since not everyone uses it, that can be a hindrance as one must have an account to attend. I recommend doing a Zoom meeting instead. Only the host has to have an account, so it’s a lot easier.

Not everyone has to have a video camera either, there is a phone number where guests can call and join in the party. Plus, you can record the entire online baby shower and take screenshots for Momma’s baby book.

Zoom does have a 40 minute time limit on meetings of 3+ people with the free account, so either coordinate very well, do multiple ‘meetings,’ or utilize other platforms to participate in simultaneously.

Pick a date and time. Make sure it’s on a day where Momma is going to be at home. If you want the party to be a total surprise, just tell Momma to be that you are having something sent over on that day and she has to be there to sign for it. This won’t be a lie, that parts coming.

You can also bring in Daddy on the surprise part and he can help make sure everything goes smoothly, but don’t forget to include him in the celebrations. Daddy’s need love too!

Decorations: This is where flower shops come in! Call the shop in advance and let them know of your scheme. Order some balloons, flowers or other decorations to be delivered about 15 minutes before the food. I can tell you from experience, the people at the flower shop will get into this and make it fun.

They’ll be almost as excited as you are to be included and will be very helpful. If your making it a surprise, have them to include a card, giving Momma directions on the party so she can log on.

What’s a Party without Food???  Obviously, it’s unreasonable to send cupcakes out to all the guests but that’s okay. Arrange for a bakery to deliver a small cake, some cookies, drinks, etc to Momma at a certain time.

Trust me, they’ll love this and as long as you order in advance, they’ll make things perfect. Don’t worry about guests, that will be taken care of in the invitation. Another fun thing to do would be to send them a Candy Bouquet or Gift Basket. (We tried them out and absolutely LOVE them! (You can see that review here)

Make the invitations and send them out. I know it’s going to be an online baby shower, but we all know that Momma’s put the invitation in the baby book and this will make it feel more memorable.

Don’t skip this step!

Include the web address to the online party, wherever it may be and, if you are using Zoom, include the phone number for those who don’t have a computer or smart phone. Have all of the guests arrange for their gifts to arrive on the day of the party and ask them to have food to enjoy as Momma enjoys her treats.

DIY Diaper CakeGames can be played via video as well. Modify traditional games by asking guests to have certain supplies available. An easy one to play would be the Bingo game, where you ask Momma and Daddy questions, then send out Bingo boards with the invitations. Get creative, it will be fun and help remind Mommy & Daddy just how special they are.

Gifts, of course, are completely necessary! Fortunately, places like Amazon will wrap them for you. Ask all of your guests to coordinate deliveries to arrive the day of the party. As long as you give enough notice, it will be easy to arrange.

Make sure Momma registers so that everyone knows what baby needs, but if Momma isn’t up to it then you can do one for her. Just find out what themes she’s using and what she needs before you do so. Start an Amazon Baby Registry Here.

You can also check out our Ongoing Baby Gift Guide for some fantastic ideas, many of which aren’t quite mainstream so it’s less likely for Momma to get them from someone else.  If you are crafty, I totally recommend this easy DIY Diaper Cake Tutorial. I made one for my little sister’s firstborn and she loved it.

Do you have any additional ideas you’d like to share?


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  • even the online baby shower is fun! Thanks for all the ideas and thanks a lot for sharing it for #OMHGWW . Cheers from Jakarta and stay happy and healthy


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