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Pickled Onions Recipe: Amazing on Almost Everything!

I don’t know about you, but I’d never had pickled onions before.  But, Chief Zoo Keeper suggested we have pickled onions on some sandwiches and I jumped on it.  Why not!?!  Something a little different.  Well, they are really great!  The flavors worked great on our sandwiches.  We also had some on homemade coneys that took the flavor to fabulous new heights.

These may be the easiest directions ever, which I love. Humorously enough, the cost to make them at home and the flavor difference is completely worth it. Truly not a fan of having to buy an entire jar of something when I only need a little bit. Then there’s the challenge of what to make with it, how to use it up and so forth. Doing it homemade eliminates that problem. Make enough for one, two or twenty with the same recipe.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Empty Jar that has an air-tight seal
Onions (we used red)


  1. Slice onions into rounds.
  2. Stuff into jar.
  3. Fill with apple cider vinegar.
  4. Refrigerate.
  5. Let sit.  The longer, the better!  At least 4 hours, overnight is preferred.

Ways to Use Pickled Onions

We’ve mentioned our fabulous coneys, but where else might you use them? Well, anywhere really. Perhaps not on cupcakes but almost anywhere anyway.

They go great on any sandwich, especially pulled pork or you can put them on and in many other things. Yes, it may be easier to use your regular, cut up onion, but the flavor level is completely raised and, as Chief Zoo Keeper likes to say, it adds layers to your flavor profile of any and every dish. Burgers are amazing with this little addition as well!

You can also add them into salads, a regular salad as well as any mayo based salad. There’s something about that difference of flavor that really makes a salad you’ve made a hundred times taste a little different and have a whole new flavor profile. I love our Broccoli Salad Surprise and I think using Pickled Onions in that recipe would add a little extra umph for sure.

How do you eat Pickled Onions?

Pickled Onions Recipe: Amazing on Almost Everything!


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