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Boredom Busters! Free Classic Games

Boredom isn’t fun for anyone and searching for free things to do can get us into all sorts of trouble. Remember back in the day when we had all of the basic games on our computer? Sometimes I miss those days: days of simplicity and peace.

Some of you may remember in 2020 when I talked about having to live in the hotel for a few months while we waited on our house to be fixed so that we could move home. Well, 2022 has brought us back for the same waiting game. This time it was a different cause, but same result. There are going to be a lot of days when we need things to keep us entertained. The website I found during that time had more educational games for kids, this one is more for fun. Although many of the games are stimulating and helpful for us to keep our thought process on point!

I happened upon this website where you can play some of the classic games we use to love so much for free online! It made me a little giddy inside to flip through and play solitaire again on that classic card table green background. Just as basic as before, and just as addictive as ever. It’s definitely a worm hole that will keep you from doing whatever it is that you are trying to avoid. (Mine, at the moment, is obsessing over problems and not starting to smoke again which I really would like to do.)

The website, simply named Solitaire, has other card games as well including Mahjong, Hearts and Gin Rummy to name a few. They also have a bunch of hidden object, match 3, logic puzzles and word games. I could spend hours, days even, getting lost in the various games. I love that they help me escape a little. There isn’t much one can do from the confines of a hotel room, especially when all of one’s possessions (or most of them anyway) are locked up in a storage container!

Boredom Busters! Free Classic Games

I’m also not real thrilled that the warm weather is betraying me and drifting away to allow the cold weather a time! Definitely not ready for that craziness! I’m also not loving the cold mornings, since I can no longer step out on my back porch with a hot cup of coffee! I miss those mornings a lot now. The hotel just isn’t the same at all!

I am grateful though as they have been great, as always! The staff is wonderful and they love my service dogs so that’s nice. I was amazed that when I came in they actually remembered me (and I didn’t even have my Service dog!). I’m always amazed when people remember who I am. I suppose that’s a self esteem problem that I’ll have to continue working on. One thing and one day at a time, right?


Hi all! My name is Kaycee. I am now learning to navigate life as a single woman. Turns out, it's not all about husband and children. Who knew? So, I'm on a journey of self discovery. I have 5 children, 3 of which are married, 5 2 are in Heaven (my beautiful baby Acadia Reign and my Diva Princess Tara Elizabeth), and 7 grandchildren! Plus, a ton of fabulous nieces and nephews! My educational background is in Psychology and Child Development but my heart is in ministry, crafts, fun, reviews and my website, My Crafty Zoo. Or at least it was, now I'm learning who I really am, beneath all of the busy family life. It's an adventure to be sure. I look forward to continuing to share my life through word and pictures with you and love hearing your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share! I look forward to reading your comments!

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