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Farm Animals Puzzle Train: Apple a Day Giveaway!

Farm Animals Puzzle Train: All Aboard!!! What child doesn’t love trains? The Puzzle Train is just what it sounds like: a puzzle in the designed with a train. At Christmas, we featured Puzzle Adventures for Toddlers with the Christmas Puzzle Train. That one combines everything a child loves: trains AND Santa!

Now we’re back again with two fantastic Puzzle Train sets! The Farm Puzzle Train and the Alphabet Puzzle Train! During our adventures with two of our grandsons this summer, we took them to the zoo so the Farm Puzzle Train was a perfect quiet time activity when the weather wasn’t cooperating for outdoor adventures.

Kids are Funny….

Recently, we took our grand-kids to the Zoo. They had a dinosaur exhibit with 25 foot tall dinosaurs, along with all of the other beautiful Zoo animals. What were they the most excited to see? The goats at the petting zoo! Now, my friends, I am from Oklahoma. I could have taken them to pet goats, calves, sheep, horses, pigs and all sorts of farm animals. For FREE!!!

Instead, we spent $72 to get into the zoo, $6 for tolls, $30 on food and $70 on souvenirs! One day, these boys are gonna drive me to insanity. They did have fun though, so it was all worth it. I keep telling myself that, eventually maybe it will stick. Please, anyone, remind me next year they are just as happy going to small places!

One day, they’ll be too old to be easily entertained by little things, they’ll want to do super expensive activities. Right now, they are happy with the simple pleasures in life and I love that. Just wish I’d remembered that before we went 2 hours away to pet goats!

If your little one is into farm animals, I highly recommend this adorable story book: Under the Barnyard Light!

Farm Animals Puzzle Train: Apple a Day Giveaway!

About this Train Puzzle

Moo moo! Oink oink! All aboard the Farm Train, now a durable, oversized, 26-piece, 50-inch floor puzzle! Packaged in an adorable box with a rope handle, this sturdy puzzle is perfect for little hands. From the friendly farmer revving the tractor engine to the neighing horse in the caboose, this colorful puzzle will teach fine motor skills and animal names and sounds on its way down the tracks!

Clearly, there is lots of fun to be had with the Farm Animal Puzzle Train! We had fun making the sounds of the animals as we put the pieces together. My youngest grandson is 3 and hasn’t quite gotten the concept of how to put a puzzle together, but we still had fun. Big brother found the correct piece, then we let the little one press them into place.

It was a great bit of quality time, and maybe we learned a little along the way. I loved the challenge for big brother to find the pieces without actually trying them, it added an extra angle of learning and cognitive development! What a challenge to look at the pieces and find the right one, without picking them up! He’s almost 6 and is learning a lot. Of course, the puzzle was way too easy for him, but that extra little challenge made it enough for him to have to really think.


This Book was Provided By Familius

Familius has been a favorite for us for quite some time. Their products are always family friendly and educational! We’ve had lots of fun with their books through the years, but this is our first bit of puzzle fun! We’ll definitely be getting more in the future to play with (for the kids…. of course….) haha.

You can see all of our book reviews, including all we’ve done for Familius, on our Books & Film Page.

Farm Animals Puzzle Train: Apple a Day Giveaway!

One lucky Winner will win this adorable puzzle!

Farm Animals 26 Piece Puzzle

Get One Here!

We just wanted to give a shout-out and say a huge thank you to Mama the Fox for putting together this fabulous giveaway hop!
Good luck everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Farm Animals Puzzle Train: Apple a Day Giveaway!

  • This would be awesome for my kids. They love all kinds of puzzles.

  • One of our favorite things to do with our grandsons is to take them to the zoo. We all love going. The Sacramento Zoo is a favorite of ours.

  • wen budro

    This puzzle looks super fun. I love products that make learning fun and engaging.

  • Fredrick Pauly

    Kids do indeed say the darnest things.

  • I’ve always loved doing puzzles, since I was a little kid. I always had puzzles for my 3 kids, and now, for my 4 grandchildren.

  • Debbie Welchert

    We have a really nice zoo here too and I know that it is very expensive. But if you didn’t go, your grandchildren wouldn’t have such wonderful memories of going to the zoo with you.

  • Katie Amanda

    This looks like a great puzzle to do with my daughter. We do puzzles a lot, but we haven’t done a large floor puzzle yet.

  • I get the biggest kick when I see children, like my great grandchildren, trying to read a book 📖 or put together a puzzle! Sometimes they get so annoyed when the puzzle pieces don’t fit. Having fun while learning is awesome 🤩

  • Micheline

    We love the zoo! Nothing better than spending a day with the animals. We don’t usually purchase souvenirs and try to bring a picnic lunch.

  • Donna Teller

    We love puzzles! We got some small wizard of of puzzles recently that are so cute. This puzzle looks adorable!

  • Shirley O

    The Farm Animals puzzle is super cute and I like that it is a floor puzzle. Puzzles are so much fun & educational too.My grandchildren really enjoy puzzles and would especially like the farm theme.

  • Francine A

    my daughter would love this puzzle .


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