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Puzzle Adventures for Toddlers: Christmas Puzzle Train + a Giveaway Hop

Puzzle Adventures for little ones during Christmas is perfect, but make it a train and the fun is tripled! All aboard the Christmas Puzzle Train! Every kid loves trains and this super cute puzzle train will definitely be well received! Familius has done it again for sure! This puzzle train will help with so many skills!

All Aboard Christmas Puzzle Train

The Christmas Puzzle Train is a whopping 50 inches long and counts from 1-20 with an adorable story all the way through! It’s definitely a perfect puzzle adventure for Christmas!

I fully recognize that I sound like an infomercial.

Don’t judge. It’s not nice.

Anyway, not that we’re done with the judgy thoughts…  I absolutely cannot wait to get these for the grandbabies! I have two grandsons that are close in age and I’m pretty certain they will both love them!

Educational Benefits of This Puzzle for Children

  • Counting
  • Number Recognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Word recognition

The best part of this puzzle adventure is that in order to make the train, the children will begin to recognize their numbers which will help them in their counting! Obviously the fine motor skills are enhanced by properly placing the puzzle pieces together, but if the grownups (or big brothers and sisters) will jump in and read the stories to them, they will also begin to recognize words!

As parents, aunts and uncles and, now, grandparents, we have always loved taking every opportunity to teach all of the kids that we can! This way is an easy in to being able to do that for sure.

So many people are into the Christmas Eve gifts these days, I feel like this would be a fabulous family gift to add in. Since toddlers typically have much earlier bed times, it’s a perfect way to bond before your favorite (or new) Christmas movie!

This Book was Provided By FamiliusFamilius has been a favorite for us for quite some time. Their products are always family friendly and educational! We’ve had lots of fun with their books through the years, but this is our first bit of puzzle fun! We’ll definitely be getting more in the future to play with (for the kids…. of course….) haha.

You can see all of our book reviews, including all we’ve done for Familius, on our Books & Film Page.

Christmas Puzzle Train Description (from Familius)

Ho, ho, ho and hop aboard the Christmas Train, now a durable, oversize, 26-piece, 50-inch floor puzzle! Packaged in an adorable box with a rope handle, this sturdy puzzle is perfect for little hands. 1 jolly Santa Claus sits in the engine while the other train cars invite children to count from 2 clever elves up to 20 ornaments on a tree in the caboose. A perfect holiday gift for any toddler learning to count and improve dexterity


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