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Ebay Discounts: How to Find Awesome Deals Now

Ebay discounts can be hard to find and learning it seemed much easier when I was in college and it was Ebay was new! Or perhaps I was more savvy then…  Let’s go with the first one.

If you caught my Online Shopping Tips, the Black Friday Shopping Tips or even the PetSmart post, you already know I love finding great deals! Even when I’m not shopping, I keep an eye out for them. I like knowing how and where to find good deals, just in case I need them.

Budgeting has been a necessity my entire life and, even when I could afford to spend more, I still do my best not to.  If my budget is $20, I aim for $10 and settle around $15. One of the first ‘life’ math lessons I became really good at is figuring out the cost of things after the percentage off, including taxes. Generally, within a few dollars! For the record, math is not my strong suit!

How to Find Ebay Coupons

One easy way to find Ebay coupons, is via Slickdeals. At the time of this writing, there are six deals and some sales listed! Utilizing those coupons on top of some easy tricks will help ensure you get the best deal possible.

The Balance: Small Business also suggests using the Advanced Search along with whatever you are looking for to find these:

  • Listings ending within 1 hour.
  • Number of bids
  • Sale Items
  • Best Offers

Ebay Discounts: How to Find Awesome Deals Now @Crafty_ZooUse the Ebay app to check and see if items are indeed cheaper there. In my search for a remote, I found that the price there was the same as everywhere else, so that one wasn’t a win but the filters for my refrigerator tend to be more affordable there. Being informed without hours of work is always a win!

Overzealous Sellers: Do a search for auctions that finish within an hour but art 99 cents or less. Sometimes, sellers get over confident and, in hopes of a bidding war, start the item at a low price. You may get lucky and find something really awesome for a lower price! Just keep an eye on delivery costs, if shipping makes up the difference it may not be a good deal after all!

Unwanted Deals can be easily found with a site called Bay Crazy as well. You can even search for specific items in various countries or with a price range. Geez I wish I’d done this article a long time ago! Fantastic resource! Bay Crazy also allows for furniture searches, local cars and local deals.

Make an Offer on an item that you are interested in. The worst you can get is a no.

Late Night Deals are auctions that end super late. Though with the new feature of setting one’s highest bid, that may not be as successful as it once was. I remember it being a great way to both win and get good deals when Ebay was new. These days, I am honestly not sure.

Feedback Scores are a decent guideline, but you want sellers with at least 98% positive feedback and a high score of at least 30. As a blogger, I’ve been contacted many times to get a free product in exchange for a positive review on Amazon, even though that is against the policy. I decline, but it has taught me not to trust the reviews so much. I tend to search for blogs that I trust and read their reviews.

Don’t do private deals, you won’t be protected. Notice there’s just a PERIOD there?

Finally, from personal experience, pay with Paypal. They protect you and its much easier than going through your bank! If you do have an issue, you have 14 days to return it under the regulations to notify the seller. If there is a problem with the item, complain within 30 days of the delivery date! DO NOT WAIT!

Do you have any Ebay tricks, tips or thoughts? Please share!





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6 thoughts on “Ebay Discounts: How to Find Awesome Deals Now

  • Thats very informative and useful information for us.Thanks for sharing this post.Great blog!

  • Tina Alexander

    It is more important than ever to save money. I always search for savings when shopping. Coupons, codes,cashback, and reward points are important factors when shopping.I also compare prices and read digital ads/daily deals for stores.I will definitely use the above tips on Ebay.

  • Donna

    These are really useful tips! I’ve used ebay for many years, but I didn’t know there were ebay coupons!

  • Lauryn R

    These are great tips for finding awesome deals on Ebay, thanks for sharing! I love shopping on Ebay, I have always had really good experiences.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I haven’t shopped on Ebay in YEARS. Ypu have some great tips.

    • I look from time to time, and always buy my fridge filters on ebay. I end up paying half the price for them there!


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