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PetSmart Black Friday Has Begun!

PetSmart Black Friday has already begun, if you haven’t seen them already you can find all of the ads on our Black Friday Ads Post!

With a giant service dog, we love going to PetSmart! He appreciates the smells and always seems to manage to get a new toy, even though that’s not what I’ve went there for! Spoiled, I suppose, but he does work super hard so I guess he deserves it!

Are You In the Know: Life With a Service Dog

You can see some awesome PetSmart deals on this page here!

I’d love to hear what you are shopping for in the comments below!

Petsmart Black Friday Deals are here!

One thing I definitely love is getting the in-store pickup discount when I order and every time I’ve had anything shipped from them it arrived on time and in great condition, so I really don’t have any complaints about PetSmart. If you haven’t shopped with them before, be sure and sign up for their fantastic rewards! It’s always nice to earn cashback, plus if you order through Swagbucks or other earning sites, you can get even more rewards!

Anyway, they’ve got some great products up for their Black Friday pre-sale and I suspect even more is coming! Slickdeals lays out a very tempting page that will doubtless get Duke the Service Dog even more goodies. So many fantastic deals!

If you have a giant dog, or a tough chewer, you will get how necessary it is to buy new toys often! Of course, it would help if I could manage to break his wonderful little self from taking the inside toys outside, and my floors would be happy if he would stop taking outside toys inside! While he is a trained service dog, nothing will break him of this habit!

Many people talk about how this is the best time to buy cat litter as well. One lady said she goes through 8 large bins of it every year and they have the best prices right now, so definitely check it out if you are a cat person!

I would like to remind everyone a pet is not a good gift. They get bigger, they never stop costing money and they are messy. Pets often find themselves left at shelters through no fault of their own. If you want a puppy for a little while, I recommend fostering them. That way, they are only in your home temporarily and will move out before their cuteness wares off. If you didn’t know, you can also volunteer at the shelter and get all the furry cuddles you want, without the life long responsibility! Everyone wins with that!


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6 thoughts on “PetSmart Black Friday Has Begun!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I didn’t shop on Black Friday at all but did order a couple of things on Cyber Monday.

  • Tandi Vidal

    I noticed they changed up their usually sales. We use to stock up on cat litter and cat treats. The sales just weren’t as good this year.

    • They definitely weren’t! I don’t shop as much as I use to, but I certainly shopped a lot less this year! I imagine the sales weren’t as good since people weren’t shopping as much!

  • Monica McConnell

    oh i love black friday

  • Monica McConnell

    i do almost all my shopping on black friday

  • Chris

    Love Black Friday shopping and Petsmart! Thanks for sharing!


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