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Big Bad Wolf Slot

Big Bad Wolf Slot

In modern times slot machines are so much more than just slot machines. They aim to provide a unique experience to their players. That is why there are so many different slots out there. What you find entertaining might not be that much fun for someone else. Slot developers are thus faced with a unique challenge of taking familiar themes, movies, and stories, etc. and making them unique.

This is exactly the motivation behind the creation of the big bad wolf slot. Read more about the game below or play it now at Wizard Slots.

Let’s start with the original story

Big Bad Wolf is based on the story of the Three Little Pigs who were chased by a wolf. In the original story three pigs built three houses using three different materials. The first pig’s house was built of straw, the second sticks, and the third bricks. The wolf managed to blow down the first two houses made of straw and sticks. However, he could not blow down the house of brick. The moral of the story is that taking the time to do something right pays off.

The big bad wolf slot gameplay

The Big Bad Wolf video slot comes with five reels and three rows. This means that each reel contains three symbols in total. The reels are framed by a straw house. The slot is not only amusing, but there are also various special features that increase your odds of winning. For example, landing three or more Big Bad Wolf symbols launches the bonus Blow the House Down feature.

In this slot you play the wolf and your main goal is to blow down the brick house. In order to do this the Blow the House Down feature needs to be activated. Landing 6 moons will activate this feature. Not only do landing 6 moons activate the bonus round, but it also gives you two free spins and multiplies all your winnings by 2x until the end of the feature. Landing three Big Bad Wolf symbols during the bonus round rewards you with another 10 free spins.

Every time a winning combination is formed in this slot, those symbols fall away and their spaces are filled by new ones. The game features regular wild symbols as well as Wild Pig symbols. Every second winning combination that includes a pig symbol turns that pig into a Wild Pig symbol.

The game has 25 paylines and you can activate or deactivate as many of them as you want. The gear button located at the bottom of the game screen changes the number of activated paylines and your bet per line. Winnings depend on the symbols in the winning combination as well as the amount of money that you bet. To win big you thus have to bet big. You can change the settings of your game any time during the game. On the left side of the screen you will find your credit balance. Keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t run out of credits.

Once all your settings are adjusted as you prefer them, hit the Play button and win some cash.


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