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Understanding Beef Cuts

Hey everyone. I thought it would be good this week to demystify the various cuts of beef.  So…  here goes….

Ground beef dishes, stew, pot roast, short ribs
Rib roast, rolled roast, rib steak, and back ribs
Short Loin:
Steak (tenderloin, porterhouse, T-bone), tenderloin roast
Steak (sirloin, filet mignon), carpaccio, ground beef dishes
Brisket and Shank:
Ground beef, stew, corned beef, soup
Short Plate:
Stew, ground beef, short ribs
Steak (flank, skirt) ground beef
Ground beef, round steak, kebabs, pot roast

Some additional tips:

  • Don’t buy packaged meat swimming in liquid. It has either been stored too long or has been frozen and thawed.
  • To keep bacteria down, don’t thaw at room temp. Thaw in microwave, under cold running water, or in the refrigerator.
  • Freeze in air tight containers or freezer wrap.  It can be frozen up to 3 months.
  • Cook tender cuts of meat using dry heat methods like broiling, frying, and roasting.
  • Tendering tougher cuts by cooking with moist heat methods such as braising and stewing.
  • Remove a roast from the oven a few minutes before desired temp is reached. It will continue to cook after its removed and the internal temp usually rises about 5 degrees.


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3 thoughts on “Understanding Beef Cuts

  • Thanks for the info! It’s nice to have all of this in one post, especially the portion about safety.

  • I love this info! I never knew the brisket was from the front chest area. My favorites are the ribeye and the tenderloin:)

  • I cooked a roast in the crock pot yesterday. I love to do that so we have yummy sandwiches for dinner but I think I got it started too late and it didn’t have a chance to cook long enough. I ended cutting the meat up and transferring it to a covered casserole dish to finish cooking it in the microwave. After being in the for about 20 minutes, it was as tender as can be. I was surprised it actually worked! And now I know where that cut of meat came from! Thanks!


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