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Black Friday Ads & Deals 2020: Updated Automatically

Black Friday is fast approaching, though it does seem they are releasing these ads much earlier. I have to admit, I’m glad they are starting it early this year. I hate that they took Black Friday and turned it into something that ruined Thanksgiving! That’s when I stopped shopping.
We’ve got a few Holiday Recipes that may come in perfect for your table! We’ve also got some fantastic Holiday Crafts you may enjoy!

‘Shopping Back in the Day’

Black Friday Ads & Deals 2020: Updated Automatically @Crafty_ZooDo ya’ll remember Black Friday back in the day? We would get up crazy early, say about 3 a.m. and head out in the bitter cold. On the drive there (we lived 2 hours away from where we shopped), we’d make a game plan. Our Black Friday plans were absolutely epic!

One year, with a team of three we managed to get three kids bikes, a Nintendo Game Cube (when they were the big thing) and some of the the most wanted housewares and literally made it in and out in less than 20 minutes! It was definitely one for the books! Get the shopping strategy for yourself here!

After that, we were off for JC Penney and in line (though not the front) for their free Disney Snow Globes. I still have the ones I collected as an adult. Was super disappointed in them when they stopped giving those out. I’m not going to lie, I was so heartbroken I boycotted them for a while. It had become a family tradition and they ruined it.

Of course, it wasn’t long after that they began opening on Thanksgiving completely ruining Black Friday shopping for me. Opening on Thanksgiving not only takes away from our families, but it also took all of the sport out of the game. Nowadays, if I do any shopping it’s when all of that stuff hits clearance. Once the sport was gone, I was done with it.


Amazon is doing things a little differently as well this year. Currently, through November 20th they are doing a Holiday Dash of deals in pretty much every category!

Home Holiday Deals (Ends 12/31)

Uniquely Festive Handcrafted Holiday Décor (Ends 12/15)

Unique Gift Ideas From Small Brands (Ends 12/26)

If you are searching for something special, let me know in the comments and I’ll do some research for ya!

Gives me my shopping fix to help others!





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