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Dorm Essentials They Don’t Tell You About & Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor

Dorm Room Essentials & College Tips! Knowing what to get for your college dorm room can be overwhelming! We’ve checked with some recent college freshmen to find out just what the must haves are and even gotten some advice for you!

Dorm Essentials They Don't Tell You About & Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor

With school coming up so quickly, no doubt any of you preparing to embrace Dorm Essentials has already began shopping! I’ve got some tips and a good list of stuff often forgotten to help you begin your year totally prepared!

Dorm Essentials Checklist

  1. Extension Chords: No doubt that perfect room set up that you start off with will get changed around and when it does, you are gonna need a quality extension chord. Don’t fall into thinking you won’t want one, have one from day one!  I highly recommend the ones with surge protectors!
  2. Headphones: I suggest having at least two pair. One for backup. If you have bluetooth headphones, then make sure you have a back-up wired pair. You may not need them for phone calls, but you’ll want them when the others have to charge and you still need music to hit the books!

  3. Command Strips! Those things can hold a LOT and the hooks can be super handy. Don’t go cheap, buy the heavy duty ones! You can even take them down and just buy a new sticky back to re-use them.

  4. Shoe Rack: Everyone needs a shoe rack. They are super handy and help you maximize your limited space.  Check out the ones that will hang over your closet door!

  5. Storage Bins: Anything that you can get that is multi functional is a plus. You’ll want to have storage, and bins are the only way to get it in a dorm room (aside from desk and dresser). Under the bed storage units are super handy!

  6. Shower Essentials! No, I’m not recommending shampoo. You are going to need a caddy and shower shoes. I have it on good authority that “communal showers are gross.” That one made me laugh when my niece shared that tid bit. But yeah, shower shoes!  The one pictured even holds your towel/dirty clothes!

  7. Umbrella & Rain Boots: Showers & thunderstorms are going to happen. Be prepared. No doubt it will happen at least once when you absolutely can’t miss class but you must go through the torrential downpour!

  8. Over the Door Storage Hanger: Space is essential. Use it wisely!

  9. Book Light: Okay, I know that sounds silly but I assure you at some point you are going to need to read much later than your roomie. Don’t be that person, have a small light that won’t bother anyone else but will allow you to keep at your work!

  10. Curtains/Rugs: Curtains for obvious reasons. Rugs, especially fuzzy ones, are great so that if you want to stretch out you have a soft carpet area to stretch out on!



College Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor!

Now for some advice from a recent dorm room dweller!

“Don’t room with a best friend.”

“Try everything at least once.” I’m gonna go ahead and take a little license to add to that: not everything. Stay away from the things that your brain screams danger at!

“Eat in the caf because the food is better for you.”

“Everything is included in your tuition so go to the gym an hit the library because you are already paying for it!” Adding here again: I’m so proud of this smart little girl. Well, she isn’t little anymore but I remember when she was very clearly!

Be confident.  Everyone on campus is just as nervous as you are, just at various degrees.  If you have to,  fake confidence.  It will eventually become legit confidence and you’ll forget to worry!

Go to all the first week back stuff!  You’ll learn a ton and get a ton of freebies!

Note: I’d like to give a huge shout out and thank you to my beautiful, talented and intelligent niece for helping me out! It was still fresh enough in her head to know what was totally necessary and what got forgotten too often! She also provided some great advice!


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