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Free Webinar: How to Create Eye Catching Social Media Images

Book Brush is a great site! I’ve reviewed it for the last month or so and can certainly sing it’s praises!

Book Brush

If you are an author, especially a self published author, I highly recommend checking out this site! Book Brush will help any tech-challenged (or not) easily create amazing promotional images for their work! I’ve used it to make buttons for my past book reviews and greatly enjoyed it!

I even made the image below with their site! All I had to do was create a book cover and took off with it!

Free Webinar: How to Create Eye Catching Social Media Images

June 3rd, 2020 at 10 am CST we will be hosting a free webinar to help us all learn how to make some amazing, eye catching social media images! Don’t miss this fantastic webinar!

Book Brush: An Author's Best Tool

Free Webinar: How to Create Eye Catching Social Media ImagesAds & Social Media Images

Book Brush has templates for every social media platform out there! You can also create custom sizes for posters and such! You can add 3D images of your book with a quick upload of your book cover. It just takes minimal effort! If you have a problem with creativity when it comes to images, they’ve got templates for almost every type of book or feel you may be looking for.

Add stamps to your image to point your readers to a platform. Below is a tweet I did with a twitter image from Book Brush! You can see additional images I made via their site on my Summer Under My Quilt and Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe reviews.

Book Brush: An Author's Best Tool
If your interested in the freebie for Amazon Kindle, Click on the image!

3D Images

Authors can easily create 3D images as well! There are a ton of options, such as that above or you can choose from tons of others. Whether you want the e-book type (as above) or a stack of books! They’ve even got books with headphones! I’m loving all the options and hope that I can try many of them out!

Video Creator

They now have a video creator as well! It’s currently in Beta and I couldn’t honestly figure out how to work it. I am looking forward to when they get it up and running properly. My hopes are that it will be as easy as the rest of their site is!


You can upload custom fonts as long as you have the rights to them. Plus, they’ve got a ton already there!

My Thoughts:

Overall, it must be obvious that I’m loving the site! It’s a wonderful tool for me as a blogger and book editor! It’s great for creating posts and promoting almost anything. I even used their site for a Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe!

There are so many great uses for their site! I’m excited to try out many more in the coming months so that I can enjoy it to the fullest!

Book Brush: An Author's Best Tool

Check Them Out Here!

Book Brush: An Author's Best Tool


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