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Helping Young Children Learn: My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals

My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals is a super fun and inspiring way to help young children learn (and get excited about it!). You’ll love playing in this book as much as they will! It even inspired me!

Helping Young Children Learn: My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals

My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals

Animals are my absolute favorite, not that you’d have guessed by my site name. I know, subtle, huh?

Obviously, this love for animals inspired an additional amount of love for this sweet Quiz Book for toddlers! I’m so excited to share it with my grandsons and see their reactions!

Much like the book we previously reviewed, My First Quiz Picture Book, it is divided by topics and laid out with great pictures, questions and answers to inspire learning and provoke thought! Nothing like the thoughts and responses of 3 to 4 year olds!

In case you missed the other review, which I highly recommend checking out, I’m going to lay out the foundation of the book so that it’s clearly understood. These books are wonderful tools to teach toddlers and preschool aged children new words, ways to think and inspire great (possibly entertaining) conversations!

My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals has 150 questions about animals with bright pictures and fun questions to help children explore, observe, identify and celebrate their world! Each set of pages, to my estimation, as over 30 fun pictures each. Every picture sports either a question or, down across the bottom of the page, the answer.

Of course, you won’t want to stop at the questions! Every page inspires conversations and there is absolutely no telling where those conversations will go!

Helping Young Children Learn: My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals

What’s the silliest conversation you’ve had with kids in your life that inspired learning?

My answer: With my 9 year old little cousin, we had a conversation about how she was going to start her own business. When asked what she was going to do, she informed me that she would be selling chairs. Of course, I had to know, how would she be making the chairs? Silly me, she wouldn’t make them, she’d go to Big Box Store and buy them, then re-sell them at a higher cost. When asked why people wouldn’t just go and buy it cheaper at the store, she said because she would buy all of them so that the people had no choice.

Needless to say, this conversation went on for a while and was very entertaining. My strategy was to keep throwing in logic and challenge her to think. By the end, she was going to make them better and learn to build her own chairs. It was so entertaining to challenge her and watch as she carefully thought and considered what she’d do to each challenge and point given.

We came to the conclusion that she’d be growing plants instead. Then the fun began again. Good times!


Quiz Book of Animals Subjects:

The Garden: All images and questions are inspired by things one might find in a garden. On these pages, we learn about everything from snails, to birds, centipedes, bees and more. (Yes, I did separate the Birds and Bees, we all know why. This ones not about the teens! LOL) There is counting, choosing size difference and so much more amongst our Garden friends!

The Sea: This one gets to start with my love of sea turtles! The first thing I did was went looking through the photos for my favorite sea creatures! There are also whales, boats, dolphins, sharks and so many more to learn about! We even learn about fishermen! I love the little oyster too, as pearls are very much something I love! Especially the irregular pearls!

The Farm: From the hills of Oklahoma, I was raised on a farm so this one is crazy cute to me too! We learn about the different animals, where they live, who takes care of them and so much more! We also work on our counting skills while we’re here and even who makes milk! My personal favorite is the little guy that’s munching on lettuce! Mainly because a very dear friend has some humorous frustrations with those little dudes in her own garden.

In the Forest: As much as I’m from the country I say my husband is from the Forest! He’s from Louisiana (Cajun recipe here, made by me so you can do it too!) and there are a ton of pine trees and National forests, his home growing up was in the middle of one. We learn about who eats acorns, where the fox lives, deer, badgers and who lives in burrows! So much fun! My favorites are the adorable dragon flies and the sweet cuckoo bird!

In the Savanna: Well, this one has all kinds of cuteness! Flamingos, elephants, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!). Okay, we all knew I had to do that one! Hope if made you smile! Wonder if the elephant spraying water is going to inspire water fights? Our most fun adventure was the water fight that went all in and out of the house. Of course, that was with our teenage Monkey and quite irresponsible parenting…  Whatever, it was SO much fun! Also, I challenge you to look up the sound a real lion makes, MGM lied to us. That’s not the right sound! Mind blown, right!?!

Helping Young Children Learn: My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals

On and Under the Ice: Here we get to pick what lives on the ice, find the different walrus (these are great for talking about how it’s okay that not everyone is the same!), we learn that owls are nocturnal, the fastest marine mammal, and, of course, so much more! I love the find the difference quizzes, as they inspire thought and focus! Said it before, but again I’ll say, these animals are so adorable!

Extraordinary: This one definitely inspires me! It can be used to teach how differences can make us special. From the colors of a peacock, stinging with a tail, blending of a chameleon, the greatest ape and, as always, much much more!

With the exception of that scary little dude that stings with his tail, they are so adorable. We lived in a shack when we first got married and had a scorpion come into our house (there were holes in the floor where we got fresh air…. ha!). After that, this girl doesn’t have much love for those little sneaky invaders!

Helping Young Children Learn

These books are so very helpful for learning! Not only will they learn from the questions, children will learn to identify animals, solve problems, work on their counting skills, colors and even practice focusing! With the right amount of help from you, your child can learn so many things that will help them as they grow and advance to new stages of learning.

These types of books will also help prepare your child for more challenging experiments, such as those used in STEM learning. STEM learning is very popular these days, and for good reason. Honestly, most of us have been using STEM learning since we were very young. Except then, it was through cooking and gardening, or even baling hay and feeding the animals, rather than through making goop or the modern ways children are learning nowadays.

Truly can’t pick an absolute favorite of these topics, so much love and fun for all of them! All of the images are absolutely adorable and are inspiring me to try drawing some of them. Bonus: I am learning from the book too! Look at that!

A classic fun game for children is playing the what noise do they make game. It’s going to challenge parents as well. Who knows what a hedgehog sounds like? Time to learn I guess.

Quarto Knows: My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals is one of many wonderful books from Quarto Knows. I love their books so much that I’ve had to stop listing all of those I’ve reviewed for them in my individual posts! The list is getting too vast and I’m looking forward to it getting even larger! Their books are written and illustrated to inspire learning, especially in ways we may not have thought of! It is especially awesome that their books don’t just teach one thing at a time, children learn a ton of different things from every single book (or at least all that I’ve reviewed thus far).


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