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My First Quiz Picture Book: Point & Learn for Toddlers

My First Quiz Picture Book is stocked full of pictures & questions to start learning with your toddler! Encourage your child’s curiosity with these bright pictures!

Clever Books are always so educational and fun! We love them around the Zoo! We recently went exploring with the Colors to Learn Series and Clever Flaps Colors to Learn. Story time is stocked full of learning adventures around the Zoo!

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My First Quiz Picture Book

With over 150 images and questions, My First Quiz Picture Book will help your child learn about 8 different subjects while also teaching them recognition of objects, words and building a larger vocabulary.

The book definitely keeps the grandkids busy, pointing and identifying things! I read somewhere that children should hear over 2000 different words a day. I’m fairly certain saying no in all the languages where it sounds the same still only counts as one, so these books are a great way to get out those words and build your little one’s intelligence!

My estimation is that each topic has over thirty images with questions written on or close to them. At the bottom of the page is the image again, but this time with the answer. There are multiple types of questions, some identify objects, some to find how things are different, some to discuss how things work, counting and so forth.

The book is designed to not only get the word recognition but also to inspire additional conversation with your toddler! Let the random silly answer fun begin!

My First Quiz Picture Book: Point & Learn for Toddlers

Quiz Book Subjects

Play:  The first topic of quiz questions in this book is Play.  Each image is related to play in some way or another. For example, there is a Merry-Go-Round with words that say “What is this ride called?” and across the bottom of the pages are the answers. In this case, your child can find the Merry-Go-Round at the bottom of the page and the words across it say (of course) merry-go-round.

Wear: These questions covers questions regarding, you guessed it, clothing. In example, what do you wear to sleep? Answer image, of course, are pajamas with the word. Also, who wears a uniform? Answer image a fireman.

Eat: Obviously, these are food related questions. I love the picture of the shrimp! He’s adorable! And the little bunny rabbit with the question about what is orange and grows underground! This particular image, and some others like it, inspires in me a way to get little ones to eat their carrots (like a bunny rabbit in the book, of course!).

Have you ever used stories to get your kids to try new things? Share tips and stories with us please!

Hear: Questions about what sounds different people and animals make along with corresponding answer image. Just to toss out some age here, there is a little donkey with the question of ‘Who says hee-haw?’ and my first thought were of the old man and young girl popping up out of the hay! For those of you who didn’t grow up laughing at that, check out this link to see what I’m talking about. They’ll have you in stitches!

I’d love to hear your comments ’bout that one!

Feel: Questions about feelings fill these pages. I was a little disappointed that they don’t have emotional feelings, but those are more conversation points we can add to our own studies. These questions focus more on the other senses. There is one about a chestnut that I can’t make any sense of, how on earth is that a feeling? I’m thinking that particular one was a complete fail.

If you know how identifying a chestnut might be a feeling, please help me out!

See: What animal has stripes, find ducks that are the same, which bowl is full and so forth are the types of quizzes on these pages. My Favorite is the water turtle, but I am biased as I love sea turtles!

Count: What learning book could go without lots of counting! Little ones love when they begin grasping counting, It won’t take long until they are counting everything!  I dread the day when they begin counting my cups of coffee! LOL There are also color identifiers on this one: ‘how many butterflies are blue?’

Discover: These things are all items from everywhere! Inside the house, in the sky, on the ground and under the water! Loving the little bee hive that asks ‘where do bees make honey?’ Also the mechanic is a cutie! My favorite here though, are the two little ones standing on a scale, one on the other’s shoulders. As I love the integration of skin tones these books always have! They aren’t singularly focused!

What can our First Picture Quiz Book Teach us?

Pointing to the picture, then the reading the words aloud will get our little ones a heads up on word recognition and help to increase vocabulary as they learn to talk. These are things we can start long before they are able to grasp the concepts, as their little brains are soaking the world up like a sponge!

We also learn colors, counting, what people and animals do, where things go and so much more! Each topic has many questions that get us learning fun new things!

Don’t wait for your little one to start talking to get these books! Lay the foundation as soon as you can so that their love for reading and learning will be with them throughout their lives!

My First Quiz Picture Book: Point & Learn for Toddlers


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