Let’s Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

Let’s Go! What better way to go traveling with baby than through adorable little board books! The Wonder Wheels series will not disappoint, these adventures are fun waiting to happen!

Let’s Go!

There is nothing more precious than reading to your little one. I remember watching my husband read to our daughter and how incredibly wonderful it was. She’d look at the colorful images on the pictures, reaching out for them as we told her what things were. It was awesome.

There is no way my husband, or any man on the planet, has ever been sexier than when he was taking care of our daughter. Nothing could beat that! A Daddy’s love is priceless.

These books will take you and your little one on super fun adventures, all without the stress of actual traveling! Are you ready to go on an adventure!?!

Let’s Go! The Wonder Wheels Series

These books are super cute. Much like Clever Flaps Colors to Learn, Search & Find Numbers and Clever Colors, these books are super cute and full of learning adventure! I love the silliness and the colors, as well as the subtle ways that they can be used to teach our children! Always fun teaching them, but especially when it’s so fun that they don’t realize they are learning at all!

Let's Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

Let’s Go! Train Trip

In the order of these books, I chose this one first as our grandson recently discovered a love for trains. I think all children share that love at one point or another.

To be fair though, as my reviews are always honest, I felt you should know it was chosen to be first for my Little Cheetah! There, that’s my bias in this review. It’s all out there now, do with it what you will. Now on to my thoughts.

All Aboard this train for a fun ride to pick up our friends! Where will we go? Bear, giraffe, lion and alligator are all on the cover, but I won’t tell you who else they pick up! No spoilers here!

This colorful little book is a fun and exciting little journey that you’ll love sharing with your little one! I love that it talks about what they do on the train, as it can easily be a reminder of things to do when we’re on real road trips!

Let's Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

Let’s Go! Birthday Bus

Here is the bias on this one: our youngest grandson, who will be called Hathi at the Zoo, was born in March of 2019. Therefore, Birthday Bus seemed like it should come next. Now you know the next bias in this review.

The Birthday Bus is a book just as adorable as the last! See all the stops, that are oh so important, until the end of the book where you reach the surprise!

As is typical of books from Clever Publishing, the colors throughout the book are bright and fun. They have signs in their stories on storefronts and such! Clever Books are always great at subtle teaching of word recognition.

Let's Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

Let’s Go! Safari Park

I can honestly say there’s no bias here, this pick in the order of books was completely random. Of course, I would love to take my boys on a safari though! Haha.

Safari Park takes our lovely animal friends on an adventure in a jeep! This Safari Park is very tropical with palm trees and toucans! Such a bright addition of animals!

Let's Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

Let’s Go! Camper Fun

No bias here, though I’d love to take those babies camping one day! This Nonna has a rule about sending them for the summer: not until they are potty trained! But when they are, Nonna is ready to take them! Back on topic, here we go!

Camper Fun is in a bright blue camper, I love it, of course! I certainly dream of having a camper one day to take the babies in! Until then, this little book is fun! Along our trip, we pick up friends then arrive at the campsite to see what fun can be had!

Let's Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Wonder Wheels: Traveling with Baby @CleverBooks.US

  • June 19, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    Kids love vehicles, so these books would definitely interest little ones. Anything that interests kids in reading is great.

  • June 16, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    They look like fun books to read with the kids. My kids love stories with animals.

  • June 16, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    I love the safari animal theme. These books would be perfect for my son.

  • June 16, 2019 at 10:04 am

    What an amazing giveaway, love it. Everyone sing “Baby Shark” with me!


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