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6 Ways to Retain Your Most Talented Employees

6 Ways to Retain Your Most Talented Employees

6 Ways to Retain Your Most Talented Employees

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that three million employees have been voluntarily leaving their jobs every month – and an even greater number are considering it, all they need is a little push in that direction. To avoid losing your most talented staff, consider these ways to help entice them to stay.

Make Them Feel Appreciated


The worst thing you can do is to treat employees as if they’re just another number, part of the overhead. When they’re greeted warmly by higher-ups and feel like they’re contributing as an asset to the company by being able to provide input about changes, rules, etc., they’re much more likely to stick around. Encourage them to make choices whenever possible, and to set goals as well. If they have a goal to achieve, it’s much less tempting to search for work elsewhere.

Provide Advancement and Growth Opportunities


Doing the same thing day after day with no hope of doing something more challenging can put any employee on the quickest path out the door. Let your employees know that there is room for growth and advancement, giving them projects that stimulate and allow them to learn more. You might even offer tuition for continuing education classes or send them to workshops – it’s a win-win for everyone. The more knowledge and experience they have, the more they can contribute.

Invest in Employee Wellness


Employee wellness isn’t something that should be overlooked either as a happy, healthy employee is less likely to take sick days and will be more productive when at work too. Something as simple as providing healthy snack delivery will help fuel creativity and keep them focused, though you might want to also consider things like providing gym memberships, holding fitness competitions, hosting stretch or other exercise breaks as a team, and anything else that promotes better health and well-being.

Don’t Skimp on Pay


While you don’t have to pay ridiculously high salaries to your employees, if your pay is average or worse, you won’t retain your best talent. You’re telling them that they aren’t valued, providing incentive for them to go where the money is. Pay your top talent what they’re really worth, not whatever the standard salary is for the average worker performing that job.

Eliminate the Bad Apples


When there are employees in any organization that hold others back, such as people with a negative attitude, have a poor work ethic, engage in gossip and produce sub-par work, it hurts everyone else. Talented, engaged staff don’t want to work with bad apples. It slows everyone else down and creates a negative work environment that makes it unpleasant just to be there, let alone be productive. While it can be hard to do, it’s time to let those poor performers go before you end up sacrificing the top talent.

Don’t Micromanage


Hard-working talented employees don’t need to be micromanaged, unless you want them looking for the exit. They know what they’re supposed to be doing – be available to answer any questions, but otherwise, let them do their job so they can do their best work without worrying about someone looking over their shoulder all the time.


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